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Yacht Club Games Reveals "Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon"

Yacht Club Games Reveals "Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon"

During their special video feed today, Yacht Club Games revealed yet another Shovel Knight spinoff title with Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon You basically are getting a puzzle title with a dungeon-crawling twist, as you will have to clear out everything on the board and prevent it from getting cluttered Buring our poor knight in enemies,[...]

We Checked Out All Things "Shovel Knight" At PAX West

Yacht Club's Director Would Like To Make More "Shovel Knight" Games

One of the most prominent retro-platformer games to take hold of gaming culture in the past decade has to be Shovel Knight And while their release schedule may be a bit hinky, fans still eat up every game that comes out from Yacht Club Games tied to the series Including the recent releases of Treasure[...]

"Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove" Receives A Launch Trailer

Yacht Club Games has released the last pieces of the original Shovel Knight series, along with a launch trailer for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove You can check out the trailer below as Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown have been released, as well as the all-in-one package game Also, enjoy a little thank[...]

"Just Shapes & Beats" Is Getting A Dose Of "Shovel Knight"

"Just Shapes & Beats" Is Getting A Dose Of "Shovel Knight"

The crew over at Berzerk Studio have teamed up with Yacht Club Games to bring Shovel Knight content to Just Shapes & Beats Below we have the details of the next mixtape that will be added on December 4th, bringing the blue knight and his weapon of choice with it There's some pretty cool art[...]

We Checked Out All Things "Shovel Knight" At PAX West

Yacht Club Confirms The Next Two "Shovel Knight" Games Are Done

After nearly two years of waiting, and assuming for a brief moment we were being trolled, Yacht Club Games has great Shovel Knight news We have been waiting for a long time for Shovel Knight: King Of Cards to be released, and for Sovel Knight Showdown to show us more (until we saw more at[...]

We Checked Out All Things "Shovel Knight" At PAX West

We Checked Out All Things "Shovel Knight" At PAX West

One of the appointments I was looking forward to the most was a visit with Yacht Club Games to see all things Shovel Knight they had to show The first one I immediately wanted to jump into was Shovel Knight Showdown This is a multiplayer brawler where you pick one of the characters in the[...]

Yacht Club Games Announce "Shovel Knight Dig" Ahead Of PAX West

During their livestream presentation today, Yacht Club Games announced a partnership with Nitrome to create Shovel Knight Dig The game isn't a proper sequel, more of a cool side story as you will be hunting down Drill Knight after he bombed your campsite and took your gold It looks like a much more polished version[...]

Yacht Club Games Will Hold A Pre-PAX West Livestream

Yacht Club Games Will Hold A Pre-PAX West Livestream

Primarily because  Shovel Knight: Showdown and Shovel Knight: King of Cards were delayed again, and the next new game they're publishing called Cyber Shadow is still being worked on For PAX West, so far we know all of those games will be there But shortly before the weekend kicked off, the company announced they would be showing a[...]

Level 99 Games Announces "Exceed: Shovel Knight"

Level 99 Games Announces "Exceed: Shovel Knight"

Ahead of PAX West 2019, Level 99 Games has announced their latest board game in partnership with Yacht Club Games with Exceed: Shovel Knight This is a fighting card game based on the Shovel Knight universe where you can play as Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Enchantress, and all eight knights from Order of No Quarter[...]

Yacht Club Games Teases a New Game Coming to PAX East

Yacht Club Games has announced that they will be a part of PAX East 2019, but along with their Shovel Knight additions will be coming something new As expected, the company will be bringing with them  Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown for the public to check out as we patiently wait for them to[...]

Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Showdown Are Delayed

A little sad news from Yacht Club Games today as the developers posted a new blog announcing delays for Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight: Showdown The expansions to the game have been in the public eye for almost a solid year, but have failed to turn up in the game so far[...]

Shovel Knight's Third Soundtrack Gets Scheduled for Vinyl Release

Brave Wave has officially announced they're releasing the third soundtrack for Shovel Knight on vinyl with a January 2019 window for shipment. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment The Definitive Soundtrack will bring all 25 tracks to both CD and record, with pre-orders happening on December 4th The vinyl copy will run you $36, and will come[...]

Several Shovel Knight Characters Will Be Joining Brawlhalla

The free-to-play game apparently had a few things in the works during the process and now, very unexpectedly, we're getting to see Shovel Knight in the game The game's website made a quick blog post about it but gave no details as to when they were coming Regardless, it's cool to see these characters come[...]

For Shovelry! We Review the Shovel Knight Plush Toy

Every year when we attend conventions, we always come across Yacht Club Games' booth and find all of their awesome Shovel Knight items The last time we got to chat with these awesome people, we received one fo the Shovel Knight plush toys for review If you've ever been curious as to whether or not[...]

Shovel Knight Showdown Revealed as Last Chapter to Treasure Trove

Yacht Club Games made their official reveal of the last entry to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove today with Shovel Knight Showdown The news was made public on IGN as the exclusive source, who also posted 10 minutes of gameplay, which we have for you below The short version of the entry is that it will be a battle/fighting[...]

Yacht Club Games Teasing Next Addition to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Since we're getting close to PAX West, it seems only fitting that we might be getting a tease for new content to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove The folks over at Yacht Club Games came out with a brand new tweet this week teasing that they would be making a new reveal for the game, but that it[...]

Yacht Club Games Adding Loads of Content to Shovel Knight's Next Expansion

Coming out of PAX East, we learned a few new things from Yacht Club Games' upcoming expansion for Shovel Knight called "King of Cards", specifically that there's a lot more to the expansion that we may have thought Those of you who have played Final Fantasy VIII may be familiar with the new campaign being added[...]

Shovel Knight Fan Forges Their Own Shovel Sword On YouTube

The latest on the block is the Shovel Sword from Shovel Knight! First off, just look at this beautiful thing![caption id="attachment_783679" align="aligncenter" width="600"] xredit//Man At Arms: Reforged[/caption]That is a damn fine replica made from real metal and not the cheap plastic knockoffs you'll see people make and peddle around at local conventions[...]

'Shovel Knight' Getting Video Capture For Nintendo Switch Next Year

According to some recent tweets from Yacht Club Games, you'll be seeing some improvements to Shovel Knight for their next Nintendo Switch update The conversation below was caught by a few different outlets this weekend as the company pointed out that being able to do game capture footage will be added to the next update,[...]

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Nintendo Is Giving Us More Shovel Knight Amiibo, Because We Need Them

Nintendo gave us quite a few announcements concerning Shovel Knight at PAX West, but despite how excited I am for Shovel Knight: King of Cards, it was the amiibo themselves that got me Because Specter Knight You can slap Specter Knight on anything, and I will be there with bells on And to give us Specter Knight[...]