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For Some Reason Someone Made Karen: An Outrage Simulator

We don't know why, but for some reason, someone decided to make the outrage game of all outrage games with Karen: An Outrage Simulator. The game that asks "Do you want to become the ultimate Karen? Can you even imagine how that much power feels?" Created and published by Vagabond Dog, the same people behind Sometimes Always Monsters, this is a short game where you get to live out the "fantasy" of being a privileged middle-aged white woman with a bad perm, terrorizing everyone you can because things just didn't go perfectly for you that day. Make your way around to the grocery store, the spa, a local restaurant, and more as you ruin other people's lives because they got your coffee order wrong.

The game is meant for laughs, but in reality, it shows off the nuclear levels of entitlement people think they have and rage no one really needs to show. Beyond that, we have to ask, did anyone really need this game? I'd say we look forward to the comments about this one, but…

Become one with the Karen, if that's your thing, in Karen: An Outrage Simulator. Courtesy of Vagabond Dog,
Become one with the Karen, if that's your thing, in Karen: An Outrage Simulator. Courtesy of Vagabond Dog.

Argue your way through 6 Unique Stages and unlock your true potential as you demand refunds, battle managers, and crush the underpaid souls of the customer service industry. Learn why Karen is the way she is by uncovering her mysterious past, unravelling her harshest critics, finding what makes her happy, and exploring the fierce spirit that dwells within her. Become a master of manipulation, and drive down any clerk's resolve by attacking their Confidence, destroying their Patience or focusing their Guilt to get your way! If you can't whittle down the cashier's resolve before your Freakout Meter reaches its limit, you'll lose your cool, go on a meme-worthy rampage, and become a laughingstock! The game is brief, and gets to the comedyright away. Expect a few good chuckles, a bit of challenge, and some short simple fun unlocking its 12 Achievements over ~30 mins of story.

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