Fortnite Adds Rift-To-Go and Limited Score Mode in Latest Update

The latest update to Fortnite has been added to the server, and along with some interesting items, we get a few new modes. The two big items are the Rift-To-Go being thrown into Battle Royale and the Bundlebuss Assault Rifle coming to Save The World, but the big one that caught people's eyes was the Limited Time Mode in BR where the person with the highest score in a short amount of time wins the match.

You can read the full 5.3 update here, but we have the primary stuff you should know from Fortnite's BR mode below.

Fortnite Adds Rift-To-Go and Limited Score Mode in Latest Update


Earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers and eliminating other players. The first to cross the High Score threshold wins the Victory Royale!

Mode Details

  • More Llamas!
    • 30 total Supply Llamas per match.
    • Llamas have reduced building materials due to the amount in each game.
      • 20 of each material type.
      • All other loot is unchanged.
    • Opening a Supply Llama grants 50 points.
  • Early game Storm circles are larger and the Storms move in more slowly, giving players more time to spread out and search for loot.
  • Late game Storms move in fast! Earn enough points for the Victory Royale before they close in.

Scoring Chart

Winning Score (Solo)2000
Winning Score (Duos)3000
Winning Score (Squads)4500
Use an Apple or Mushroom10
Open an Ammo Box25
Open a Llama50
Open a Supply Drop100
Eliminate an Enemy100
Open a Treasure Chest50
Find a Bronze Coin30
Find a Silver Coin50
Find a Gold Coin100


What's New?
Playground has been updated with a couple dozen new ATK's available, some more ramps to jump them off of, and a handful of new Rifts scattered throughout the map. Head to the hilltops and see if you can find them all.


  • Rift-To-Go added.
    • Rift-To-Go is a portable Rift that can be carried in inventory and deployed immediately.
    • When activated, you are teleported into the sky and placed in skydiving mode.
    • The Rift will remain at the location it was deployed for 10 seconds, allowing other players to use it.
    • Epic rarity. Drops in stacks of 1 with a max stack size of 2.
    • Can be found in chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Loot Llamas.
  • Pump Shotgun equip time has been shortened from 0.96 seconds to 0.88 seconds.
  • Double Barrel shotgun now has a spread reduction of 15% while crouched.
  • Clingers will now only explode when their fuse has expired.
    • Clingers will no longer explode if the object they are attached to is destroyed. They will be affected by gravity and fall until they stick to another object or their fuse expires.
  • Impulse Grenade max stack size increased from 8 to 9.
  • Bouncers now need line of sight of a player to activate.

Bug Fixes

  • Damage Traps will now properly affect enemy players who are within their range.
  • Remote Explosives now damage everything in their radius that can be destroyed.

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