Fortnite Players Keep Trying to Build in PUBG and H1Z1

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Fortnite has changed a lot of things about the landscape of video games in general, but one of the less-reported side-effects of the ridiculous amounts of popularity for Fortnite: Battle Royale is the tendency for hardcore players to forget that building is not a thing in other games. Yes, players are now starting to report hilarious deaths in PUBG and H1Z1 because their immediate impulse under fire is not to run for cover but to build.

Personally, I find this hilarious, because I'm one of those FPS transplant Fortnite players who forgets that building is a thing and goes to run for cover — and then gets shot.

According to IGN:

A thread on Reddit shows just how ingrained Fortnite's building has become. User HooninAround started the thread when building didn't help a mishap in World of Warcraft, saying, "I accidentally got too close to a cliff when farming mats in WoW and I instinctively looked down and hit my ramp button."

User Lokkman explained, "I jumped on H1Z1 and instead of running to cover my initial instinct was to build. This resulted in death." Another user AdzziiFIFA said, "Overwatch had a free trial this week and I kept thinking to build, so I just played Mei."

"I tried building in CS:GO," revealed user Connorreyes02, "I can tell you that it was hard explaining that to my team."

The need to build to defend yourself or to get to higher ground is ingrained at an early stage in the Fortnite learning process, but it's not the only aspect of Fortnite that's carried on into other games. "I started playing God of War the other day, and within 15 minutes of playing I attempted to chop down a tree with Kratos' axe," explained user FlipThatBottle.

While these are definitely things you don't want to have happen while you stream, silly mistakes like this happen to the best of us. Once you get something so deeply ingrained into your behavior, it's hard to stop doing it. For some people that means trying to build in regular shooters. For me, it's trying to control aggro even while running as a support or healer.

We all have our gaming crosses to bear.

The good news is, you can solve this one by just only playing Fortnite. Or by playing a bit less of everyone's favorite Battle Royale.

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