Is 'Forza 7' In 4K Update Really Worth The 100GB Loss?

Forza 7 had one of the best presentations during the Xbox One X presentation at E3. Sure, the racers clearly sounded like they were reading from a script, and in some eyes, the game was upstaged by having a brand new racing car debut at a gaming expo. But the game itself looked stunning, even to people who were not racing game fans.

There just had to be a catch — a game that looked that spectacular in 4K would have to come with some kind of damage. In this case, it's coming to your hard drive. Forza 7 is going to be a whopping 100 GB download, no matter what system you're playing the game on.

Is 'Forza 7' In 4K Update Really Worth The 100GB Loss?
credit//Turn 10 Studios

The primary thing eating up all your drive space is the 4K assets, but according to a Microsoft rep, Xbox One X owners will only download the assets they actually need. Which means if you're only playing on a regular HDTV, you'll only download the 1080p info, but 4K users will download the 4K assets.

Even though that's a small consolation prize, that's still one of the biggest game downloads you'll ever see, beating Destiny's original must-download assets by roughly 40 GB. It will be up to fans to decide whether or not the download is really worth it on PC or console.

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