Friday The 13th: The Game has Weapon Swapping at a High Level

Hey, kids! Do you enjoy level grinding in video games? I hope so, because that's the only way to unlock a very special ability in Friday The 13th: The Game and the developers made it that way on purpose. You may recall a while back that Gun Media teased us with the idea of having Jason be able to swap weapons so that he could perform multiple kills with whatever he felt like in a single match. Turns out, it exists, but you need to be at a special level to make it happen, as they revealed on Twitter this week.

Is that a ridiculous number to get to? Yes! Is that something that not everyone will be able to achieve without spending literally months playing the game? Yes! Is it worth the grind? …We don't know. The fact that there's no video of this or proof that the addition has been put in the game already may just make this a complete joke. If it is there, however, that a very torture-heavy level to allow fans the ability to kill with whatever weapon they want.

So… Anyone at Level 113 yet?

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