From The Rumor Mill: Assassin's Creed Will Have a New Game in 2020

If you believe the latest rumors currently online, Ubisoft will have a new Assassin's Creed game next year, and it will be set in Rome. The rumor comes from FireDen, the same people who said there's a Watch Dogs 3 game coming out this year, claiming that they have a leak from Ubisoft detailing what they're doing with the franchise next. Below are some of the talking points, including claiming that you'll be playing as one of two characters named Cassius or Lucia, who are descendants from Assassin's Creedy Odyssey. While all of the info below is cool to read, the fact that they somehow got all this info for a game that's more than likely still a year and a half out if it's correct is suspect. For now, we're saying it's probably fake, because if this was the plan from Ubisoft, I guarantee you wouldn't be seeing it in print on their site.

From The Rumor Mill: Assassin's Creed Will Have a New Game in 2020

– Next Assassins Creed is codenamed Legion in 2020 on current and next gen
– Set in Italy at the end of reign of Marcus Aurelius (guy from Gladiator) and during the struggles of his son Commodus and the year of 5 emperors
– Play as Cassius or Lucia, a descendent of characters from Origins and Odyssey
– Unclear which is canon, but like odyssey features choices and heavy RPG elements and same story for both characters.
– Made by Sofia to tie up some loose ends for the "Ancient Trilogy" and currently is more first civ intensive than other game.
– Main story is more involved in assassins and politics with first civ and flashbacks to other points in Rome history being secondary. Ubi wants to make it feel more like assassins creed while feeling like Odyssey to make old and new fans happy
– Map is mainland Italy and small part of Gaul and Germania like Libya in Origins
– Revised mercenary and cultist system. Big cultists and main story assassinations have those memory things

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