Games Operators Announce New Survival-Horror Title Cryospace

Games Operators and developer Kuklam Studios revealed a brand new survival-horror title is on the way called Cryospace. This new series is inspired by sci-fi classics such as Alien, Pandorum, and Philip K. Dick novels, according to the developers. The game forces you, a lonely maintenance worker, to fight your way through numerous problems aboard a ship that you are seriously unprepared for after being randomly woken up from your frozen slumber in space. Right now this is just an announcement for the game, which right now is set to not even be released until 2022. But for now, you can check out the insanity behind it.

You can hear screams in space, no matter how loud things get. Courtesy of Games Operators.
You can hear screams in space, no matter how loud things get. Courtesy of Games Operators.

Whether you call it a stroke of luck or a bad omen, the fact remains that you're the only person awakened from cryo-sleep on a massive starship navigating through space, far from other planets, vessels, or celestial bodies. You're not alone, however – the ship is filled with deeply sleeping workers, soldiers, and other colonizers sent to populate the far corners of the universe. The plan was simple. Arrive at your destiny, start a colony, and become a legend. However, something went horribly wrong, and here you are.

Here, forced to remember at all times not to breathe too deeply, to save oxygen, forced to scout for food for distribution to the crew members you were forced to awaken. You must decide whose skills are essential for survival, who should get back in the freezer, and worst of all, how to utilize dead bodies, of which there will be many. Besides your troops, there is clearly someone or something else here, something you were not prepared to face. Now the choice is yours – you can lay low and eventually die, as you won't last long without exploring the ship and hunting for resources. Or, you can get out there and at least give it a shot, literally and figuratively. Whatever you do, remember to keep quiet. Space might be silent, but on a spaceship, your enemies can always hear your scream.

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