Generation Two Shiny Pokémon That Aren't Released In Pokémon GO

Quite a few Generation Two Pokémon have received their Shiny forms in Pokémon GO, but some have still not been allowed to sparkle. Here is a breakdown of all of the Johto favorites that are not yet Shiny-capable in Pokémon GO.

Generation Two Shiny Pokémon icons from Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Generation Two Shiny Pokémon icons from Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The Generation Two non-Shiny-capable species include:

  • Hoothoot, Noctowl: This family of Normal/Flying-type Pokémon are pretty standard golden shinies, which works well with their color palette. Hoothoot retains its red eyes, while the tops and back of Noctowl's dark-brown wings shift to match its pre-evolution's red.
  • Spinarak, Ariados: Never has a spider looked so much like dessert. Spinarak, with its pastel blue and pinks, is a gem of a Shiny. Ariados retains the color palette and is still a great Shiny, but there's no messing with Spinarak, who will become one of the best-looking in Pokémon GO once released.
  • Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff: Another incredibly strong evolutionary lines of Shinies, the Hopip family has a satisfying change in color palettes. Hoppip itself goes full green, switching with the normally green Skiploom that takes on Hoppip's normal pink palette. Jumpluff then retains the pink, making for a strong, unique line of shinies.
  • Wooper, Quagsire: These blue Pokémon become pink in their Shiny forms, with Wooper a bit washed out and Quagsire colored more deeply. Both work for this line of Water/Ground-type Pokémon.
  • Slowking: The release of this one is pretty much dependant on Generation One Slowpoke's Shiny release in Pokémon GO, which may be imminent as Mega Slowbro was found in the code, and there hasn't yet been a Mega Raid that didn't feature a Shiny chance. Slowking mostly retains its color, with its… frill? Bib, maybe? Whatever that thing is, it turns white and dark blue, making this Shiny Pokémon look as if its making a fashion statement.
  • Girafarig: While this Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon has a pretty standard giraffe color palette, the pink of its nose and spikes shift to blue… perhaps as a nod to giraffes again, which have blue tongues.
  • Heracross: One of the most daring shinies of Generation Two, Heracross goes from a muted dark blue to hot pink. It's a hot take of a design, and it's A-Okay in our books.
  • Slugma, Magcargo: Here's a line that starts out amazing and loses its concept a bit. Slugma's Shiny is like no other, completely light grey in color, giving it the appearance that it is covered in ash. Magcargo is magenta which, while still cool, loses the ashen look that makes sense given that it is essentially a lava snail.
  • Corsola: This baby blue Shiny is one of the best of Generation Two, and will likely make people very interested in traveling to its region-locked location once it is released in Pokêmon GO.
  • Remoraid, Octillery: This line goes in opposite directions. Remoraid is normally colored like… well, like a fish. Its Shiny form becomes a bright purple. Its evolution Octillery is a deep orange that then becomes a more realistic brownish-yellow, giving it the appearance of an octopus that blends in with the bottom of the ocean.
  • Mantine: Mantine is probably the most subtle on this list (s0 far), as it goes from a muted navy blue to a brighter blue that evokes the color of non-Shiny Whiscash.
  • Phanphy, Donphan: The "so far" in Mantine's entry was due to Phanphy, which goes from a light blue to a lighter blue for a cute but not-incredibly-noticeable Shiny. It's better than Zapdos, though. Donphan redeems this line a bit with a mixture of sandy tan and a warm, deep orange.
  • Smeargle: When this one comes out, maybe Pokémon GO trainers will start using the underrated GO Snapshot system more. Smeargle's Shiny takes on an orange hue, with the paint-like fluid on the end of its tail turning from green to red.
  • Tyrogue, Hitmontop: Tyrogue's Shiny changes from pink to brown and blue to match Hitmontop's standard form. Hitmontop's change is stranger, with its color slightly losing vibrancy and its jumper changing from blue to pink. This could have been quite the Shiny release for this month's Fashion Week event in Pokémon GO.
  • Miltank: One of the most unusual Pokémon in the game, Miltank keeps that weirdness going in its Shiny form, which turns this pink, incredibly suss milk cow to a blue, incredibly suss milk cow.
  • Celebi: Mythical Pokémon seem to get incredible Shinies as a rule. Celebi is a beautiful rose and light pink mixture, making it one of the most beautiful Shinies that has yet to be released in Pokémon GO.

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