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Gloomhaven Receives The Sewers Update To Chapter Four

Asmodee Digital has released a new update into Gloomhaven's Chapter Four as players can now dive deep into the Sewers. The game is still technically in Early Access so whatever updates the devs are making to the game is technically an addition and not any kind of added DLC. This one comes with a new area with a ton of additions, as well as changes to modding and some bug fixes. We got the details below as you can play this content as soon as you update the game.

What will you find down below? Courtesy of Asmodee Digital.
What will you find down below? Courtesy of Asmodee Digital.

The latest release for Gloomhaven has arrived; prepare to adventure into the dark and seedy underbelly of the city, a place where disgusting, dangerous and powerful foes lurk. In this new update, we will be releasing a mass of new content that you will be able to explore, combat and use to your advantage! With an entirely new Biome, the Sewers, you will encounter four new enemies, a new boss, and even two new mercenaries that have found their way into town! Take on any of the numerous new missions that are available in The Sewers update! With this new patch, 7 story, 4 relic and 7 journey missions have just been revealed by the town crier; so grab your weapons and find out what dark secrets and unimaginable treasures lie in wait for you! On top of this, alongside being able to visit these new zones, you will also encounter 4 ghastly new enemies!

We have made extensive changes to the YML for this release in order to improve things for modding. The downside of this is that all gameplay mods are invalidated by this change and will need to be updated before they work again (language mods will still work though). The current release only supports Language mods as we are still in progress with the rest of this change, but once it is released we will support a lot of new functionality that has been asked for by the modding community.

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