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Gloomhaven: Mercenaries Edition Is Coming This September
Would you like to win a copy of the video game Gloomhaven: Mercenaries Edition for the PS5? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in this giveaway Twin Sails Interactive has provided us with a copy of the game to give away in a physical format, which comes with comes pre-loaded with[...]
Gloomhaven: Mercenaries Edition Is Coming This September
Twin Sails Interactive and Nighthawk Interactive both confirmed today that Gloomhaven – Mercenaries Edition will be coming out this September As you might expect, this is basically an all-in-one kind of release as you'll get the full game as well as one of six exclusive collectible cards in every physical box Those who get this[...]
Gloomhaven Announces New Expansion Called Buttons & Bugs
Tabletop publisher Cephalofair Games announced a new addition for Gloomhaven with the new expansion Buttons & Bugs Announced during the Gloomhaven Grand Festival, the entire concept behind Buttons & Bugs is so you can have a solo-play game experience with an all-new original campaign story This particular one was penned by Isaac Childres, as you're[...]
Gloomhaven: The Roleplaying Game Announced
Cephalofair Games officially announced Gloomhaven: The Roleplaying Game this week, bringing the game to the TTRPG world Revealed as part of the festivities leading into PAX Unplugged, the team will be bringing the video game over to a tabletop system, giving you the tools and the lore to create brand-new stories and adventures within Gloomhaven[...]
Gloomhaven To Add Solo Scenario DLC This September
Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios are giving Gloomhaven some new DLC as players will be able to get in Solo Scenarios The DLC will ramp up some of the content you've been playing in the game already, but will give you access to take on a number of missions on your own As well[...]
Gloomhaven Will Be Released On Consoles In 2023
Asmodee Digital and Saber Interactive announced this week will be bringing Gloomhaven to game consoles sometime in 2023 The tactical RPG is already out on PC via Steam and GOG and has been doing fairly well since release, but now the team is looking to expand that to at least Xbox and PlayStation owners[...]
Gloomhaven's First DLC Pack Will Release In May
Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios will be releasing their first DLC pack for Gloomhaven next month called Jaws Of The Lion This DLC opens up a few new possibilities as you are given new scenarios that will be playable in the Story campaign, but only after you have beaten the second scenario of the[...]
Source Point Press Are Official Badge Sponsor For NYCC 2021
And that NYCC 2021 show badges will feature art from Source Point Press' comics including Gloomhaven, Winchester Mystery House, Felix the Cat, Legend of the Five Rings, Cult Of Dracula, Haunted High-Ons, Brooklyn Gargoyles, Mons Draw Sity, Darling, Good Boy, Suicide Jockeys, Unborn, Butts in Seats, Rat Queens, Trash Can-It, Boston Metaphysical Society, Warcorns, and more[...]
FCBD Free Comic Book Day 2021 Preview
Including an exclusive Gloomhaven spinoff comic, Hole In The Wall, from Source Point Press, to run alongside their current comic book series adaptation of the game. FCBD Preview: Gloomhaven Gets A One Shot For Free Comic Book Day FCBD 2021 GLOOMHAVEN HOLE IN THE WALL ONESHOT SOURCE POINT PRESS APR210040 (W) Travis Mcintire (A) Tyler Sowles (CA) Nolan Nasser The City[...]
Gloomhaven Receives The Sewers Update To Chapter Four
Asmodee Digital has released a new update into Gloomhaven's Chapter Four as players can now dive deep into the Sewers The game is still technically in Early Access so whatever updates the devs are making to the game is technically an addition and not any kind of added DLC This one comes with a new[...]
Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion in Source Point Press December 2020 Solicits
Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion is a one-shot by Travis Mcintire, Nolan Nasser and Tyler Sowles It's not the only comic launching from Source Point in December, but it may be the best-selling Other new titles include dinosaur comic The Roaring 20s by Josh Sobek, Chris Hamann, Gary Sobek, Milena Deneno, Era Of Great Wonders by John[...]
Gloomhaven May Be One Of The Best-Selling Comic Books (Or Not)
Gloomhaven is a very popular fantasy board game for 1 to 4 players,  designed by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games in 2017 A campaign-based dungeon crawl game with more than 1,500 cards in a box, it might be about to get a little heavier as somewhere to keep a comic book or two. Gloomhaven[...]