UPDATE: 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Is Already Doing Motion Capturing

UPDATE: It was revealed by PCGamesN shortly after this story went out that the information turned out to be fake, and that Neff is not involved with the production of the game.

A posting on NeoGAF has a bit of news about Grand Theft Auto VI, the next installment of Rockstar's highly successful series. One of their members dug up some hired info on actor Tim Neff, who has currently updated his credits for his motion capture. His page currently has him listed as having done work for both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto VI.

UPDATE: 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Is Already Doing Motion Capturing

It really isn't a surprise at this point that Rockstar is probably finished with the storyline and other elements to the next installment of the game, but it does kind of come as a surprise that the motion capturing process is most likely finished, if not near completion, if an actor is already listing it on their resume. Usually, unless it's something with a major budget and contracts that get leaked, actors and actresses tend to hold off listing work they've done on unreleased projects to prevent spoilers.

NeoGAF also posted a photo to their official Instagram that they claim was taken at Rockstar San Diego but has since been deleted from their feed. Whatever the case may be with the motion capture status, it's cool to know the game is well underway and hopefully will have a preview by next year's E3.

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