Young Maylay Blasts Rockstar Games & Denies "Grand Theft Auto" Rumors

Young Maylay Blasts Rockstar Games & Denies "Grand Theft Auto" Rumors

Maylay is a rapper who is also the voice behind Carl "CJ" Johnson from GTA: San Andreas But despite being in one of the best-selling games of all time, he seems pissed as hell at Rockstart Games And he's not afraid to voice it whenever someone asks him about the game.[caption id="attachment_1141452" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit:[...]

Rumor: The Next Grand Theft Auto May Have A Woman Protagonist

The word is coming from The Daily Star, who are pointing to a couple of reports about the next entry into the series, saying that production started on the game back in 2016 and it would have a larger map that GTA Online currently has, but the biggest takeaway for them was the notion that[...]

GTA Online is Adding a New Missile Base Series This Week

GTA Online is Adding a New Missile Base Series This Week

GTA Online's latest update adds the brand new Missile Base Series, which features intense competitive skirmishes set inside the bowels of Mt Chiliad, and naturally the Missile Base series is giving extra rewards this week This week will also see bonuses for CEOs who own Executive Offices, plus double rewards on all Smuggler's Sell missions,[...]

This Week is Import/Export Week in Grand Theft Auto Online

This Week is Import/Export Week in Grand Theft Auto Online

Like they do every week, Rockstar Games is changing things up in Grand Theft Auto Online this week by buffing Import/Export missions, providing discounts on Biker Business Supplies, and a nice salary bonus for all players working as bodyguards or associates to local CEOs.This week, GTA Online players will find a bonus of 25% GTA$ on[...]

The Schyster Deviant has Arrived in GTA Online this Week

[caption id="attachment_983850" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Rockstar Games[/caption]This week in GTA Online saw the release of the Schyster Deviant muscle car and Double GTA$ and RP on the new RC Bandito Races, as well as the Trading Places (Remix).The Deviant may have been an underdog in the muscle car field way back in the day, but those[...]

The Declasse Tulip Arrives in Grand Theft Auto Online This Week

[caption id="attachment_972229" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Rockstar Games[/caption]This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, players are taken back to the 1970s with the Declasse Tulip muscle car, plus some extra rewards for select Adversary Modes.The Declasse Tulip is available exclusively at Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week in GTA so you can relive the '70s with the[...]

Running Back Remix Adversary Mode Returns to GTA Online This Week

Much like the last time the Running Bac mode was available in GTA Online, the main goal is still for the runner in the Panto to make it to the end zone This time, however, the mode has been tweaked to pit the pint-sized hatchback Runner against an upgraded fleet of 5-star recruits in Tezeracts for[...]

GTA Online independence day 2018

GTA Online Celebrates Independence Day with Oodles of Explosions

Nothing is more American than setting stuff on fire and drinking your bodyweight in beer -- thus, that is exactly what to expect from GTA Online's infamous July 4th content.The full list of discounts includes:Vapid Liberator Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign Musket Firework Launcher & Fireworks Star Spangled Banner Horns Patriot Tire & Parachute Smoke Stars[...]

7 New Tracks and Weeny Issi Classic Races Roll Out in GTA Online This Week

Rockstar Games is updating GTA Online this week with seven all-new tracks specifically designed for the nimble Weeny Issi Classic The new tracks were released alongside new double GTA$ & RP rewards, which were extended to a host of Heists and Lamar Contact Missions. And if that wasn’t ebough, a range of land, sea, and air Vehicles such[...]

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Rumor: GTA Online Teasing New Radio Stations Coming Summer 2018

Rockster Games seems to be teasing new music coming to GTA Online with posts on social media that seems to be promotional art for a concert held in the town of Los Santos Additionally, there's even more promo art on Rockstar's official website.The fictional lineup includes four electronic artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The[...]

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Double GTA Bucks and Tons of Sales in GTA Online this Weekend

Not to be outdone, Rockstar Games is giving player discounts and Double GTA$ & RP in GTA Online during the weekend As for those sales, players can take advantage of discounts on popular vehicles including the Ruiner 2000 the Pfister Comet SR, the TM-02 Khanjali tank.To earn Double GTA$ and RP, you’ll want to take part in one the following four game[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V Nears 100 Million Copies Sold

Take-Two Interactive has announced that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is nearing close to 100 million copies sold in a recent earnings call. Grand Theft Auto V is not like a lot out there. The game is one of, possibly even the most successful entertainment property ever depending on what metric you use. It's truly […]

The Vespucci Job and Three New Vehicles Added to GTA Online

The new patch also drops in two other cars, a new set of time trials, and even more discounts.The Vespucci Job actually features a battle between a fleet of police cruisers against the diminutive classic Italian car, which means the game mode allows you to take on the role of the lunatic runaway driver trying[...]

GTA Online Target Assault Races

GTA Online Adds Target Assault Races and Vapid Caracara in Latest Patch

The Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series continues with a brand-new Target Assault mode, now available to play in GTA Online The new race mode requires racers and gunners to team up and test their skills in a race that pits speed against precision in a fight for first place.Teams of two strap into a range[...]

Get Ready to Crash, Because It's Stunt Week in Grand Theft Auto Online

In addition, all of the Rockstar created and verified stunt races are offering double GTA$ and RP through March 12th.There are dozens of stunt races to choose from, including the RON Alternates Wind Farm map "Turbine" and the heavenly "Maze Bank Ascent."In addition, there are a number of discounts on high-end vehicles this week to help[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V Sold Another Million Copies Last Year in the UK Alone

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a juggernaut in the charts, selling another million copies in the UK alone last year. I remember when Grand Theft Auto V came out. It became the fastest-grossing entertainment property ever, garnering $1 billion in just three days. There just aren't a lot of phenomenon like it in […]

GTA Online's Festive Surprise Adds the Ubermach Sentinel Classic and Occupy Adversary Mode

This week’s new additions to GTA Online include the annual holiday celebration event, a new vehicle, Adversary Mode, and a slew of discounts and bonuses.To celebrate the holidays in GTA Online, this year’s Festive Surprise include a number of holiday-themed unlocks beginning now until January 5th Starting on Christmas Eve, 12/24, Krampus masks gifts will[...]

GTA Online's Latest Update Includes The Coil Cyclone

As you can tell from the magazine-style ad up top, Coil's Cyclone is available to drive in GTA Online because why the hell not? Alongside the cyclone, today's update includes some tweaks, discounts, and bonuses to the game's usual missions and even to the premium race and time trial modes.The full list of updates to GTA Online[...]

Rockstar Celebrates GTA Online's Anniversary With Halloween Gear

That's an impressive feat! And to celebrate it, Rockstar are adding in some brand new Halloween-themed goodies for you to enhance your GTAO experience, including the damn Batmobile We're talking the jet-powered '90s version that terrified Chris O'Donnell who said the car had the worst breaks in the world Technically the car is called the "Vigilante",[...]