Hades & Cruella De Vil Join The Disney Mirrorverse Roster

Kabam will release a brand new update into Disney Mirrorverse as players have two new characters and Rift Raids to play. First and foremost, you're getting both Hades from Hercules and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians added as playable characters, each with their own options that will give you some breathing room on the battlefield. Meanwhile, a new encounter has been added to the game in Rift Raids, giving you the chance to earn more from completing certain battles. We have more info on all of this below, but you can also check out the full developer diary here.

Rift Raids arrives in Disney Mirrorverse, courtesy of Kabam.
Rift Raids arrives in Disney Mirrorverse, courtesy of Kabam.

Hades – Commander of the Underworld: Sarcastically cruel and explosively volatile, Hades now has more on his mind than just caretaking souls. For this mind is now amplified to where he is capable of commanding the denizens of his Underworld realm like an army, a godly general whom these forces unquestioningly obey.

Cruella De Vil – Devilish Queen of Crime: Known throughout her Mirrorverse world as the Queen of Crime, Cruella is infamous for her high-flying capers and daring escapades. And if any meddling dog do-gooders get too close, she carries a sonic disruptor that sends them running. This weapon is also handy for shattering Fractured, making her valuable as a Guardian whether the Guardians like it or not!

RIFT RAIDS: Players earn points by completing each Rift Raid encounter featuring Fractured enemies including: Minion, Sentinel, and finally the Gatekeeper who holds the key to unlock the next highest Rift Tier. Each new Rift Tier contains more challenging Fractured, and more potential Points to be earned. Rank Rewards are distributed at the end of a Rift Raid event to participating Alliances, based upon their Rank in comparison to other Alliances. These rewards include Gold, various Motes, and Role Gems up to Tier 4 Role Gem Shards for the highest ranks.

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