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Marvel Contest Of Champions Celebrate Pride In Latest Update
Kabam released a new update for Marvel Contest Of Champions this week, celebrating Pride as well as having 250 different heroes within the game The game has a new event for you to take on that will keep you busy and learning how to coordinate your attacks, as "Attack of the Spider Bots" is running[...]
Dani Moonstar & Lady Deathstrike Arrive In Marvel Contest Of Champions
Mobile developer Kabam announced a new update for Marvel Contest Of Champions as they have added Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike One of Wolverine's former deadly foes, as well as the X-Men's former Psyche and later Mirage, have been added to the game, giving you two new mutants to play with Well, technically, Deathstrike is[...]
Sandman & The Shocker Arrive In Marvel Contest Of Champions
You can read more about their addition to the game in the latest patch notes, as we have some of them below about both of them and the next chapter coming to the game. Credit: Kabam The Shocker & Sandman "Once a petty criminal known as William Baker (a.k.a Flint Marko), Sandman is a stalwart member of the[...]
Kabam Announces King Arthur: Legends Rise at GDC 2023
Developer and publisher Kabam has revealed a brand new game during GDC 2023 this week, as players will soon experience King Arthur: Legends Rise The game is going to be a squad-based RPG title that will have both an expansive world to explore and an immersive story for you to get wrapped up in, as[...]
Viv Vision & Kate Bishop Join Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam revealed two new heroes that are coming to Marvel Contest Of Champions today, as players will get to play as Viv Vision and Kate Bishop The latest update to the game, V38.1, brings both of these powerful women to the roster, giving you some cool new options to fight with that aren't just clones[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Releases QuANTum Content
Kabam has released a brand new update for Marvel Contest Of Champions as they prepare for Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania to be released Two new characters have been added to the mix to take on Kang The Conquerer, as players will be able to fight as Cassie Lang and a future version of Ant-Man[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Launches Summoner's Choice 2023
Kabam has launched a brand new voting event for Marvel Contest Of Champions as the Summoner's Choice 2023 has begun This is basically your chance as players to vote on a new hero or villain to join the fray, bringing with them their unique abilities to the game We have several interesting choices ranging from[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Releases Plans For 2023
Kabam took time over the holidays and today to reveal their plans for Marvel Contest Of Champions in 2023 The team has released a video showing off all of the content coming to what is technical Year 8 of the popular mobile title, as they show off new modes, characters, and events they are looking[...]
Mantis Joins Marvel Contest Of Champions As Latest Hero
Kabam has added a brand new hero to the roster of Marvel Contest Of Champions as you can now play as Mantis in her classic comics form The character will be added to the game on December 15th, and with her comes an update to the game that will change a few things up, but[...]
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Arrives In Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam has launched Update V.37.0 into their mobile game Marvel Contest Of Champions, better known as Sea Of Troubles The update adds in a few new characters, but more importantly, brings about a new event as you battle for Wakanda All of which is being done to promote the latest MCU film, but that's besides[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Brings Out Spider-Man Supreme
Kabam has released a new update this week for Marvel Contest Of Champions as Spider-Man (Supreme) makes his way into the game In case the name and the imagery below didn't give it away, this is basically a version of Spider-Man if he became the Sorcerer Supreme instead of Doctor Strange But he doesn't arrive[...]
Hades & Cruella De Vil Join The Disney Mirrorverse Roster
Kabam will release a brand new update into Disney Mirrorverse as players have two new characters and Rift Raids to play First and foremost, you're getting both Hades from Hercules and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians added as playable characters, each with their own options that will give you some breathing room on the[...]
Disney Mirrorverse Shows Off New Villains Trailer During D23
Kabam dropped a new trailer for Disney Mirrorverse during the D23 Expo as a new crop of villains have made their presence known The trailer shows off a new event called Haunted Hallows, which will be kicking off in the game on October 6th it will be up to you to defeat a new brand[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Adds Battlegrounds To The Game
Mobile developer Kabam has revealed the latest addition to Marvel Contest Of Champions as Battlegrounds is now an option This is a 1-v-1 scenario in which you will take some of your best champions into battle and have them compete directly against another set of heroes captained by another live player The mode is designed[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Receives New Wave Of Updates
Kabam has released a new set of updates for Marvel Contest Of Champions, bringing in some new features and a couple of new characters The two new additions will be Titania as well as the Infamous Iron Man, both of which are available starting on September 7th, with Titania specifically being free to download just[...]
Quicksilver & She-Hulk Giveaway Arrive In Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam announced a couple of additions to Marvel Contest Of Champions this week with a new character and a contest on the way Quicksilver is the latest addition to the mix as he was the #1 fan-voted addition for the game this year, and along side him we'll also be getting Galan as part of[...]
Shop Titans Will Be Coming To The Epic Games Store
Kabam and Netmarble revealed today that the two companies will be bringing Shop Titans over to the Epic Games Store next week The simulation RPG will be launching into the store on July 21st, as players can add the game to their wishlist right now ahead of its launch By all accounts, this will be[...]
Thor: Love & Thunder Content Comes To Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam has released a brand new update for Marvel Contest Of Champions as we're getting Thor: Love & Thunder content added to the game As they celebrate the release of the latest MCU film on July 8th, all new and existing players who download and login can add either Thor (Ragnarok) or Thor (Jane Foster)[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Celebrates Pride Month With New Additions
Kabam has released a new update this week for Marvel Contest Of Champions as the game will be celebrating Pride Month in its own way First off, the team has partnered with comic artist Derek Charm to create the custom wallpaper you see below featuring many of Marvel's fan-favorite LGBTQIA2+ heroes In addition to this, the game[...]
New Doctor Strange Content Comes To Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam has revealed a new event coming to Marvel Contest of Champions as we got new content centered around Doctor Strange As you might suspect, this update is being done to promote the upcoming movie coming out next week, as they have brought in more oddities from the multiverse in a special event called Strange[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Announces Moon Knight Contest
Kabam has launched a new update into Marvel Contest Of Champions this week as you're getting two new characters and a special Moon Knight event First off, the game just got a massive content update as Version 34.1 has been released today, which includes the additions of Black Cat and Scorpion to the mix Second,[...]
Disney Mirrorverse Announced For Mobile Devices In 2022
Disney has partnered with mobile developer Kabam to announce a brand new title coming later this year with Disney Mirrorverse In this stylish take on their properties, this game will take some of their most popular characters and throw them into the thick of battle in a new universe where they are fighting a powerful[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions
Kabam has released a new update this week into Marvel Contest Of Champions as they prepare for the upcoming film Eternals Simply being called 33.0, this update adds in a couple of new characters for you to play with as we're getting Ikaris and Sersi, as well as an Eternals-themed event that will run from[...]
Marvel Realm Of Champions Set To Release New 4.0 Update
Kabam revealed details today about the new update coming to Marvel Realm Of Champions as you'll experience the Trial Of The Worthy The update brings with it a new story revolving around Unworthy Thor on a quest to get Mjolnir back along with the help of the Winter Soldier as you both find more than[...]
Kabam Announces "Marvel Realm Of Champions" At NYCC
During NYCC today, Marvel along with Kabam properly announced their latest mobile game on the way, Marvel Realm Of Champions Kabam had previously made Contest of Champions, so this was a no-brainer for the two to get together on what will essentially be the next level of the original This one, however, is a real-time[...]
Marvel: Contest of Champions Under Fire by Fans Again for Character Changes
It seems like at least twice a year, developer Kabam and the players of Marvel: Contest of Champions go head to head over major differences in the way they think the game ought to be run This time around, the complaints include character balance reworks as well as some tension between the top paid players and[...]
Marvel Contest of Champions
You might recall that they had some serious player backlash after a sweeping series of balance changes last spring, but this time Kabam is in trouble with their player base for a very different reason: player fraud. Several high-ranking players in the game had been logged out for about a week, which is unusual in a[...]
Megatron has Joined Transformers: Forged to Fight This Week
Credit// Kabam Everybody's favorite Decepticon leader, Megatron, has finally joined the cast of Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight He is obviously a part of the Decepticon faction, and functions as a tactician class character His official description reads "Once a renowned gladiator in pre-Civil-War Cybertron, Megatron used his charisma and brutality to fuel the Decepticon uprising[...]