Hearthstone Unveils New Expansion: Voyage To The Sunken City

Blizzard Entertainment revealed details today about Hearthstone's latest expansion, Voyage To The Sunken City. Cue up your favorite version of "Under The Sea" as we head down into the watery ancient city of Zin-Azshari, home to colossal sea creatures and the territorial Naga, for those unfamiliar with this place. The expansion will give you a ton to work with as 135 new cards will be added to the game, along with a couple of new keywords and a new mission type. You can read more about the new expansion below and check out the full notes from Blizzard here, as the expansion will go live on April 12th, 2022.

Promo art for Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
Promo art for Hearthstone: Voyage To The Sunken City, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
Players will join an intrepid group of explorers on an expedition to the ancient city of Zin-Azshari, lost beneath the waves for over 10,000 years. New and returning adventurers will experience a beautiful yet terrifying world as they utilize deck-altering keywords and powerful new cards to use in battle against dreaded new minions to survive the Sunken City!
  • New Minion Type: Naga – Destroyed by their thirst for power and cursed for all eternity, the vengeful Naga are a new minion type coming with this expansion and becoming a permanent addition to Hearthstone. The Naga are a spell-focused minion type that tend to give bonuses for playing one or more spells while the Naga are in your hand.
  • New Keyword: Dredge – Don't you hate it when the one card you need is at the very bottom of your deck? Not any more! Dredge is a new keyword that lets you look at the bottom three cards of your deck and pick one to bubble up to the top. You can combine these Dredge cards with new Azsharan cards that send a powerful "Sunken" card to the bottom of your deck. Whether it's sunken treasures, your cool new Legendary, or a well-timed burn spell, Dredge can help you get just what you need.
  • New Keyword: Colossal – The ocean depths are home to many massive monsters unlike anything you've seen before. These giant creatures are too big to fit on one card! Minions with the Colossal keyword come with extra appendages that synergize with their main body in powerful ways. These appendages are summoned with the main body, even if the Colossal wasn't played from hand.

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