Herbert West: ReAnimator Comes To Life In A Horror Board Game

I was never much into board games when I was younger. We'd play monopoly, there would be a huge fight usually between my brother and grandfather, and the game would go away for a few months. But lately I've been getting into board games, but not the standard ones like Risk, Life, etc… but the more specialized ones that are being offered through kickstarter projects. I've got both the Dresden Files cooperative card game and the Mistborn game recently and have been checking out some others. I seem to like the ones that are tied to novels. The latest one that has caught my eye is new from Lynnvaner Studios and is based on H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: ReAnimator.


The game will be based on the original story but also use the artwork from the Dynamite Entertainment comic series from Keith Davidsen and Randy Valiente. They also had covers by Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Seeley, and Andrew Mangum that might be used in the game. And like the Dresden Files, this is a cooperative game meaning you are working with other players to beat the game, not each other.

The ReAnimator board game Kickstarter can be found by visiting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dynamiteent/hp-lovecrafts-reanimator-mystery-board-game

The idea is that the players are assistants to Dr. West and are going around Arkham, Massachusetts gathering tomes, ingredients and the occasional cadaver for the mad scientist's work. Up to four players work together to follow the narrator's story from the original Lovecraft prose in order to complete the experimental reanimation serum. The game includes West, the Watch and the Undead as playes move through the game and various subplots.

The game, which goes for $39.99, includes:

  • 8 Arkham buildings,
  • 3 decks of subplot cards (totaling 150 cards),
  • 4 reference cards,
  • 1 workbench card,
  • 1 Herbert West card,
  • 1 used cadavers card,
  • 4 dice, and;
  • A horde of tokens!

And like any good kickstarter, there are add-ons:

  • Red jade stone dice ($35)
  • 3 short story novellas in the Herbert West universe ($15)
  • Arkham playmat ($15)


The different tiers include not only the game, but digital copies of the come or the graphic novel. The game is expected to ship in February of 2018.


But talking about a game is one thing, you really need to see it in action. Well, they've put together a video that show the game in progress. Check it out below.

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