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'Re-Animator' Director Stuart Gordon Has Passed Away at Age 72

Stuart Gordon, director of horror classic Re-Animator and co-creator of Disney's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise, has passed away. Details about how he passed have not been shared by his family. He was 72 years old. An incredibly nice man, he did the horror convention circuit and was always available to fans and ready […]

Free League Publishing to Host a Kickstarter for Call of Cthulhu

Free League Publishing is expanding their horizons a bit and taking on the iconic H.P. Lovecraft short story The Call of Cthulhu as their next Kickstarter project. The version of the story being Kickstarted is an illustrated edition of the short story with gorgeous art by François Baranger. As for why you'd want to Kickstart the project? Well, […]

Rough Riders: Ride or Die #4 cover by Patrick Olliffe and Gabe Eltaeb

Rough Riders: Ride or Die #4 Review – I Am Alice Man

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Alice Roosevelt, Teddy's daughter, and Sebastian, an honest-to-God robot, are holding off the living dead outside the White House. President Roosevelt and Annie Oakley arrive not long after to aid in the fight. Meanwhile, Harry Houdini is in the clutches of death itself in the dead realm, but Jack Johnson pulls a gambit […]

Rough Riders: Ride or Die #3 cover by Patrick Olliffe and Gabe Eltaeb

Rough Riders Ride or Die #3 Review: Leans into Melodrama and Tropes

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Lovecraft's ability to commune with the dead appears to be a truth, and the Rough Riders follow his lead. Perplexingly, this crisis also seems to involve Roosevelt's ancestry.  They need to traverse to the realm of the dead; thankfully, this can be accomplished with someone who is on the brink of death. Houdini […]

Rough Riders: Ride or Die #2 cover by Patrick Olliffe and Gabe Eltaeb

Rough Riders Ride or Die #2 Review: Historical Fiction with Actual H. P. Lovecraft

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Rough Riders are confronted with a series of bizarre and dangerous events. Oakley and Edison are attacked by reanimated cadavers. Eastman is attacked by an unusually spry maid with a knife, and it's up to Johnson to save him. Meanwhile, Roosevelt and Houdini become more acquainted with H. P. Lovecraft. Rough Riders: […]

Rafael Albuquerque Illustrate Neil Gaiman 'A Study In Emerald' Dark Horse

Rafael Albuquerque To Illustrate Neil Gaiman's 'A Study In Emerald' For Dark Horse

Dark Horse has a new comic book coming out from Neil Gaiman and Rafael Albuquerque. Well, sort of. Albuquerque will be adapting Gaiman's 2003 short story A Study In Emerald as a comic, according to a report from Paste Magazine. A Study In Emerald was originally released as part of the Shadows Over Baker Street anthology, which […]

Talking ReAnimator Board Game And H.P. Lovecraft With Jim Kuhoric

Last week, I ran a piece about a new ReAnimator board game that was being Kickstarted. The game is based on the H.P. Lovecraft story that was adapted by Dynamite Entertainment. And I remembered that one of our Bleeding Cool alum, Jim Kuhoric, worked on that series, writing the zero issue. I reached out to Jim […]


Herbert West: ReAnimator Comes To Life In A Horror Board Game

I was never much into board games when I was younger. We'd play monopoly, there would be a huge fight usually between my brother and grandfather, and the game would go away for a few months. But lately I've been getting into board games, but not the standard ones like Risk, Life, etc… but the […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On this Day In Pop Culture For March 15

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 15, the 74th day of the year: 44 B.C.- Julius […]

Deadworld Chronicles And H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator Tales From Caliber In February

Caliber Comics has two new graphic novels hitting shops in February of 2017. First up is H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator Tales featuring the work of Lovecraft, Steven P. Jones, S.T. Joshi and Terry Pavlet. There there is the anthology book Deadworld: Chronicles with Gary Reed, Stuart Kerr, Colin Clayton, Mark Bloodworth, Wayne Reid, and Steve Beckett. […]

Caliber To Tackle Both H.P. Lovecraft And Sherlock Holmes In The Same Month

Caliber Comics is tapping into two popular and esteemed literary worlds this November. Brandon Barrows and Hugo Petrus dive into Mythos: Lovecrafts Worlds while Christopher Sequeira and artists Philip Cornell and J. Scherpenhuizen stalk Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Detective. The Lovecraft graphic novel is an adaptation of eight different lesser known stories while the other graphic novel […]

Scoop: Lovecraft Series In The Works At Legendary TV

The Cthulhu mythos is finally on its way to television. Bleeding Cool recently learned that Legendary TV has been developing the mother-of-all-Lovecraft projects: an anthology series that includes characters, locations and story-lines from sixteen of Lovecraft's most popular tales including The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Dunwich Horror and many more. The […]

New Dark Horse Prose Anthology 'Children Of Lovecraft' Will Have Mignola Cover

When Lovecraft and Mignola come together…well, that's just about all the horror fandoms in one place. It's actually Lovecraft's birthday this month, having just passed (August 20th) and seems only appropriate to announce more Lovecraft news, particularly since it's the 125th anniversary of his birth this year. Dark Horse has announced a new Lovecraft-dedicated prose anthology […]

Advance Review: Hold Onto Your Hats For Providence #2

On July 8th, the second issue of Providence arrives, the new series from Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows that delves deeply into the life, legend, and lore of H.P. Lovecraft. Set a few years before any of the fictional incidents in Lovecraft's actual stories, the series nevertheless places us firmly in a world Lovecraft fans […]

Keith Davidsen Talks H. P. Lovecraft And ReAnimator

David Avallone, writer of Legenderry Vampirella #5, talks with writer Keith Davidsen about Reanimator #3, both on sale today. Cover art by Francesco Francavilla and Andrew Mangum. DAVID AVALLONE: I always ask a variation of this question: at what age did you discover Lovecraft, and what was your introduction to that world? KEITH DAVIDSEN: It's funny […]

H.P. Lovecraft's 125th Birthday Honored At WonderCon

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Aaron Vanek, founder of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon – San Pedro, led one of the last panels of WonderCon Sunday afternoon. Not a surprise, the room was packed to the gills. Joining Vanek were storyboard/comics artist Pete Von Sholly and writers Cody Goodfellows and […]