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Blizzard Entertainment has a new Warcraft show on the way to be livestreamed later this month called The WoW Variety Show This is a new three-event live show that will be hosted on twitch starting on August 24th Players in North America can register for the show with signups open until 11AM PT on August[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Announces Two New World Of Warcraft Expansions
Blizzard Entertainment confirmed today that World Of Warcraft Classic will be receiving Wrath Of The Lich King Classic this September One of the game's most iconic villains will be coming to the classic servers on September 26th, giving you an authentic re-creation of its second expansion Aside from the required active subscription, this will be[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble For Mobile
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new mobile title on the way as they look to bring Warcraft to iOS and Android with Warcraft Arclight Rumble This is a totally original tactical game built from scratch using the sights, sounds, and characters of the franchise in a single-player setting You'll craft small armies out of tabletop miniatures[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Announces Two New World Of Warcraft Expansions
Blizzard Entertainment revealed that they have two new expansions on the way with World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight and a WoW Classic return The first one focuses on the main game as Dragonflight will bring back a long-forgotten era of Azeroth over in the mythical Dragon Isles, which serves as the ancestral home of dragonkind Meanwhile,[...]
Warcraft Arena World Championship 2022 Reveals Spring Schedule
Blizzard Entertainment dropped new details this week for the Warcraft Arena World Championship 2022 schedule for Season Three The next major cup kicks off this weekend as both the European and America divisions will playout for the first Cup, with a new cup happening every weekend for the next four weeks on YouTube Each region[...]
Blizzard To Reveals The Future Of Warcraft Next Month
Blizzard Entertainment dropped a small notice today revealing that over the next month or so will reveal the future of Warcraft This isn't just a single game announcement, either, as the short blog post indicates that we will be getting multiple reveals The first of which will be for Hearthstone on March 15th, which technically[...]
Blizzard Is Adding More Servers To "World Of Warcraft Classic"
Blizzard Entertainment will be launching a new open beta in World Of Warcraft Classic as they prepare for a brand new addition The Season Of Mastery open beta will kick off on October 5th as all players will be able to test the upcoming gameplay and quality of life changes the team has added Some[...]
Mythic Dungeon International Will Start Season Two On Friday
Blizzard Entertainment announced this week that the World Of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International will kick off Season Two on Friday Much like the previous season, this one is going to be held completely online as players are still dealing with the pandemic all over the world The season will be running from September 3rd until[...]
WoW Esports Reveals Mythic Dungeon International Shadowlands Plans
World Of Warcraft Esports revealed their plans for the Mythic Dungeon International Shadowlands: Season Two, which will have a different flow The team behind it is changing the way the format will be run as they have increased the winnings to $380k and have escalated dungeon-running levels For Season Two, the new structure will have[...]
Blizzard Reveals "World Of Warcraft" 2020 Esports Events
Blizzard Entertainment revealed today that the World Of Warcraft Arena World Championship will be making a return on July 31st The event will be featuring the top 16 teams across North America and Europe as they will take part in the Season 2 Circuit, all competing for the top spot and a share of the[...]
WoW Esports Announces Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament
Players will now have to go back in time and fight their way through one of the most famous expansions in World Of Warcraft history Registration has officially opened for teams to sign up on Gamebattles for North America and Europe, with qualifiers set to take place from July 17th-18th in a 3-v-3 Best-of-3 Double-Elimination event[...]
World Of Warcraft Classic Is Returning To The Burning Crusade
Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed today that World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will drop on June 1st, 2021 Revealed back at BlizzCon this year, players old and new will be able to venture back to this classic setting as you'll be given a new world to explore, two new playable races, new abilities, and more[...]
Arena World Championship Season One Regional Champions Crowned
This evening, Blizzard Entertainment crowned regional champions for the World Of Warcraft Arena World Championship Season One The first one to tackle the latest expansion Shadowlands no less, and it came out with some interesting surprises In the European brackets, Skill Capped nearly swept the competition until they got to the finals, but they still[...]
World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Reveals Chains Of Domination
The latest story arc for World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands was revealed at BlizzConline with Chains Of Domination With a mighty devastating trailer, which we have for you below, the latest leg of this journey has put everything into chaos and risk We don't have a proper release date for the content just yet, but we[...]