New Trailer For Icarus Debuts During PC Gaming Show

One of the bigger reveals of this year's PC Gaming Show was Icarus, a new game from Rocketwerkz, the first from the studio and their creator Dean "Rocket" Hall. Hall brought us the popular game DayZ. Icarus looks pretty sci-fi, but real-world events take place in real-time, like chopping trees and doing contract work. Listening to Hall talk about the game on the show, it sounds like a pretty crazy time, and luckily there was a trailer involved. You can see said trailer and read a little more about what to expect from Icarus down below.

Icarus Sounds Like Serious Business

"You and your co-op companions will start in a space station, choose a mission, and then head down to an alien planet to complete it. That mission might have a time limit of 30 minutes or two days. You'll face hazards on the various planets, like wild animals, and you'll need to complete missions on time or risk being left behind by your transport. Which is way worse than being left behind by the school bus, because it means your character is dead, along with any progress they've made."If you run out of oxygen, someone can come and revive you," Hall told PC Gamer. "If you get attacked by this particular animal and damaged, someone can heal you. But if you run out of time, it's over."

New Trailer For Icarus Debuts During PC Gaming Show
Icarus. Credit Rocketwerkz

How typical is this type of thing with PC gaming? Real-time events sound like an intriguing way to play a game. I personally have never done anything like that in one that I can think of. Icarus will be out soon, and like some others from today, it may get me to finally try PC gaming in general.

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