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Vampire: The Masquerade, Cris Tales, and More from the PC Gaming Show

"Vampire: The Masquerade", "Cris Tales", and More from the PC Gaming Show

Monday's PC Gaming Show included new trailers and game updates for several known games as well as their barrage of new game announcements. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 revealed some gameplay:  Paradox Interactive has today revealed the first gameplay trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the highly anticipated RPG developed by Hardsuit Labs set […]

The PC Gaming Show will Return for E3 2019

The PC Gaming Show will Return for E3 2019

The PC Gaming Show is returning to E3 for the fifth consecutive year on June 10, 2019 at 10am PDT. Last year the PC centric show drew more than 1.8M unique viewers on Twitch and other live platforms, becoming the 5th most-watched event of E3 in terms of concurrent viewers. In total, the 2018 showcase increased in […]


Insomniac and Oculus Show Off Stormland at E3

Insomniac Games and Oculus Studios have teamed up to make an open world VR game where you play as a robot journeying through an "ever-changing cloudscape to augment yourself and save your friends." Because Stormland just cannot help the Wall-E vibes. The trailer shows the player character flying over clouds, scaling cliffs, and fighting against enemy robots. […]


Ubisoft BlueByte Brought Anno 1800 to the PC Gaming Show

Ubisoft BlueByte brought city builder/strategy hybrid Anno 1800 to the PC Gaming Show today to show off a world exclusive trailer. BlueByte Executive Producer Burkhard Ratheiser and Community Developer Bastian Thun then took the stage to talk about how dedicated the game is to its community. Following up on Ubisoft's final message from their own press conference, Anno 1800 […]

Killing Floor 2 Treacherous Skies Logo

Killing Floor 2's Summer Slideshow Details Emerge at #E3

Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire took the stage at the PC Gaming Show at E3 this afternoon to detail their Summer Slideshow event. Dubbed Treacherous Skies, the event will add a new map Called Airship, and a new community map titled Endless Lockdown to the game. A new character named Mrs. Foster joins the game […]

Star Control: Origins has a Release Date and E3 World Premiere Trailer

Stardock gave Star Control: Origins it's World Premier trailer at the PC Gaming Show at E3, which included some never-before-seen gameplay and a release date. Star Control: Origins is an upcoming strategy video game designed for the Windows 10 system, though a console release will follow after a short delay. The game is intended to be an […]

Sega to Release Several Titles on PC Over the Next Year

If you thought Sega was going to be left out of the PC Gaming Show the day before E3, you were mistaken, as they showed several titles coming to PC. The biggest reveals of the bunch were Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, with Valkyria Chronicles 4 set to join them later this year. According to info released […]

Walking Dead Final Chapter Clementine

Telltale's The Walking Dead Sees Its Final Chapter Release in August

The final chapter of Telltale's The Walking Dead is coming on August 14. Monday afternoon Telltale joined the PC Gaming Show at E3 to give up the details on Clementine's final journey. Dubbed The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the game will see Clem find shelter with AJ in a scholl full of kids. Thinking they have […]

The Sinking City has a Creepy New E3 Trailer

The Sinking City is developer Frogware's love letter to H.P. Lovecraft and showed off a pretty spooky new cinematic trailer at The PC Gaming Show today. The third-person detective game does have some action elements to it. There are many different monster archetypes and you will have combat capabilities and a combat progression system, however investigation […]

Have No Fear, Don't Starve: Hamlet Does Not Involve Shakespeare

The latest expansion for Don't Starve is called Hamlet, but before you panic, Klei has not made a Shakespeare adaptation DLC for their survival game just yet. The DLC description reads: In Don't Starve: Hamlet, Wilson discovers a lost town of aristocratic Pigmen nestled within a foreboding tropical jungle. Reacquaint to city life with pig shops, houses, […]

Warframe: The Sacrifice's Launch Trailer is Here

As part of the PC Gaming Show at E3, Digital Extremes revealed the full reveal trailer for Warframe: The Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is an upcoming story quest expansion that fans have been waiting for since the end of last year. The Sacrifice will release later this week on PC, with the console release to follow. The Sacrifice […]

YOU ARE THE SHARK: Maneater the Game Revealed at #E3

At last, someone has made my dreams come true in game form: Maneater, where you can play as a freaking bull shark. Revealed during the annual PC Gaming Show portion of E3, Maneater has everything, including a skill tree for the playable sea creature. You were cut from your mother's body and left to die […]

Hunt Showdown Gets An Update Trailer at PC Gaming Show

Hunt Showdown came out earlier this year by Crytek, and today during the E3 PC Gaming Show, we got word of an update on the way. Below is a snippet from PC Gamer's website where they go into detail about the updates on the way, along with a fresh trailer showing off the horrors you'll […]

Chance Agency's Neo Cab is a Futuristic Cab Driving Simulator

As part of the PC Gaming Show, Chance Agency released a world premiere of Neo Cab's gameplay. Chance Agency describes it as an emotional survival game about staying human in a world disrupted by automation. So, you know, it's a future Uber driver simulator, pretty much. The official description reads: You play as Lina, the last […]

Coffee Stain Studios Reveals Satisfactory at PC Gaming Show

The first game out of the gate at PC Gaming Show this afternoon was Satisfactory from the developers at Coffee Stain Studios. The official description sent out today calls Satisfactory "an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the 'Save The Day' program – a program […]

The PC Gaming Show at E3 Liveblog with Bleeding Cool

This year's PC Gaming Show presented by our colleagues at PC Gamer is expected to host reveals from Crytek, Square Enix, and Sega, among others. It is quite possible, given this year's massive lineup, that the PC Gaming Show is actually hosting the Sony overflow since the PlayStation conference is expected to be more intimate than […]

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is Returning to E3 This Year

PC Gamer will be bringing back their E3 PC Gaming Show for the fourth year running. The show will be hosted by Day[9] once again and will include content from sponsors Oculus Rift, Acer, Improbable, Tripwire Interactive, Stardock Entertainment, Frontier, and Team 17. In addition, Drake's Cakes will be providing some of their signature baked […]

The PC Gaming Show Is Returning To E3

The PC Gaming Show will return in 2017 as part of the official E3 conference schedule. In partnership with Intel as the presenting sponsor, the third annual PC Gaming Show will take place live from The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday, June 12 at 10am PDT. The event will be hosted […]