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We Attempt To Recap The Unnecessarily Long PC Gaming Show 2022
The annual PC Gaming Show has transformed over the years from an informative extravaganza to testing the endurance and patience of its viewers PC Gamer does something really awesome each year, and that's to give as much time as they can to everything from AAA titles to small indie studios a chance to shine with[...]
The PC Gaming Show 2022
PC Gamer finally revealed the date for the PC Gaming Show 2022, which will be taking place on June 12th livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube Foregoing another year of having a live event, partially due to the pandemic and probably also because E3 has been canceled, they will be presenting several titles that will be[...]
We Recap Most Of The PC Gaming Show From E3 2021
It's E3 2021, and as you might suspect, the most jam-packed showcase of them all is usually the PC Gaming Show, and this year was no exception There's so much of this show to cover, we just have a list of everything there was to talk about that we could get our hands on It's[...]
Surgeon Simulator 2 is a lot more out there than the first.
Now, as Bossa Studios has finally shown off gameplay for Surgeon Simulator 2, we can see just how much wackier the new title really is. Surgeon Simulator 2 is a lot more out there than the first, courtesy of Bossa Studios. Though Bossa Studio had been teasing Surgeon Simulator 2 for some time, we hadn't seen any[...]
Dontnod's Twin Mirror is no longer episodic.
Courtesy of Dontnod Entertainment. After a lengthy delay, Twin Mirror made a reappearance during the PC Gaming Show on Saturday (June 13) It appears part of the delay was due to the fact that, in addition to rights being changed around in terms of publishers, the game is no longer going to be released as an[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
When you're producing a show like The PC Gaming Show, a lot of things are going to get a shorter time, like many of the indie titles During the broadcast, there was a moment where a number of indie titles were put together in their own little showcase Those games include Shadows Of Doubt, The[...]
The Trailer For The Outlast Trials Is Hauntingly Exciting
One of the last trailers we saw of the day for the PC Gaming Show was a freaky little preview for The Outlast Trials by Red Barrels This is a game that's been on our radar for a while now as it was announced back in December 2019 as a successor to the original Outlast,[...]
Project Wingman Gets A New Trailer At The PC Gaming Show
Sector D2 and Humble Games brought a new trailer around for Project Wingman to show off during the PC Gaming Show Unlike other flight simulator games we've seen in the past, this one actually looks like a decent balance between realistic flying and fun dogfight combat When you look at games of this genre, it's[...]
Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy Gets A New Trailer
Ludomotion and Big Sugar revealed a trailer for the anticipated sequel Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy to the PC Gaming Show The previous game did so well that you knew it was only a matter of time before we would see a return, but this one feels a bit different than before as you set[...]
A New Trailer For Mortal Shell Debuted During The PC Gaming Show
Mortal Shell was shown off in the middle of the PC Gaming Show this year, and action RPG fans seemed pretty excited about it during the live chat on the show The trailer promised brutal action and what looks to be a pretty sizable and difficult journey This brutal action game has a great hook,[...]
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos Gets A Preview Video
Artefacts Studio and Dear Villagers released a new preview video for The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos during the PC Gaming Show This game has been on our radar for a bit as it takes you into the world of fantasy RPGs and breaks down the fourth wall a bit with some of[...]
Carto, a Cute Adventure Game, Gets Trailer on PC Gaming Show
The PC Gaming Show released a teaser trailer for a Carto, a cute, relaxing, all-ages adventure game The game has the player navigating the main character in a 2D top-down map, meeting and talking to people, solving puzzles, and making friends Solving puzzles can alter the map and change the layout of the world as[...]