Iceberg Interactive Reveals More About Doomblade At Gamescom 2022

Iceberg Interactive, along with indie developer Muro Studios, revealed more about their upcoming game Doomblade during Gamescom 2022. The 2D action Metroidvania had originally been revealed a few months ago, but little much was said afterward as it was still in development with no official release window planned. That's changed a bit as the team revealed they are aiming for it to come out in Q2 2023. If you haven't had the chance to check out the game, this one will have you taking on the role of Gloom Girl, who is one of the last of the Gloomfolk and the individual who finds the sentient weapon. A weapon that is now obsessed with breaking free from its imprisonment and escaping. The two pair up to go on a brutal quest to unlock the powers of The Void, which they will use to destroy the Dread Lords.

Iceberg Interactive Reveals More About Doomblade At Gamescom 2022
Credit: Iceberg Interactive

Lured out of her solitude, she discovers a chamber containing a sentient blade, trapped and bound for eons. Freeing Doomblade, "Doom and Gloom" join forces and begin a quest to regain the blade's powers and enact vengeance on its captors. Wielding Doomblade, Gloom Girl can ride through the air to attack enemies. Target monsters to attack them directly, and slay them with Doomblade's wrath! The blade is hungry to wreak its revenge on The Dread Lords, who bound and trapped it in the Underworld. But first it must regain its lost strength. Search for statues of the old gods, where Doomblade's powers were hidden and stored by the long-dead Gloomfolk, awaiting its return. From the abandoned halls of Gloomhaunt, into the New Wilderwood forest full of untrusting tribesmen, through the Molded Mines with their hedonistic shroom people, and into a technological hellscape known as the Power Sector. Wielding Doomblade, Gloom Girl must destroy the monsters within and hunt down the Dread Lords who imprisoned Doomblade.

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