Insomniac Games Announces Marvel's Wolverine In Development

Insomniac Games dropped a massive announcement today as we found out they're making Marvel's Wolverine as we speak. Along with PlayStation Studios, it appears this will be a stand-alone game about everyone's favorite angry Canadian mutant. They gave absolutely no context about the game beyond the trailer we have for you down at the bottom, but we got an interesting introduction. The trailer shows a half-destroyed bar with bloodied bodies around, as one person wakes up and decides he's going after the lone guy drinking with a knife. A poor choice as it's clear Wolverine can hear and smell him coming, eventually letting loose the claws before the fight breaks out. Which, let's be honest here, if there's ever an image that comes to mind in all of the years of Wolverine being a character in Marvel, him beating the hell out of random thugs in some drive bar in the woods is probably about as iconic as it gets.

Insomniac Games Announces Marvel's Wolverine In Development
Credit: Insomniac Games

As for when this game is set, that's hard to say, but we can take a few guesses. If they're doing this in the vein of Marvel's Spider-Man where he'll be alone taking on some baddies with little help, it's safe to say we're not going to be seeing any appearances from the main members of the X-Men. The claws are Adamantium and he's free in the world, so this is post-Weapon-X (although we wouldn't put it past them to put it in there as a flashback) but pre-Magneto battle. The hair is still dark, so no Old-Man Logan. So best guess is either this is him during his Alpha Flight days or one of the times he "quit" the X-Men only to come back later after venting or finding himself. In any case, you can enjoy the trailer below as we wait to get a release window on the game.

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