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Interview: Chatting With 100 Thieves On A Boat At TwitchCon

A few weeks ago, we were down in San Diego for TwitchCon 2022, where we got to hang out with 100 Thieves on the AT&T Stream Boat. One of the biggest promotions happening during the event was AT&T wanting to show off their high-speed internet in various ways, both for mobile devices with their 5G network and their fiber network for home use, showing gamers what options they had available to them. As part of the demonstration, the company took members of the esports group out into the San Diego Bay to do livestreaming broadcasts in the middle of the water on their 5G Stream Boat. While they were out there, we had a chance to chat with Chad Steiner, Senior Director of Partnerships at 100 Thieves about the event and what they were working on within the organization.

Photo provided courtesy of 100 Thieves, taken by Alyssa McGovern

Chad Steiner

Photo provided courtesy of 100 Thieves & AT&T

BC: You guys have formed a partnership with AT&T for this event! How did that come about and how's it been working with them?

CS: When I joined from the partnerships team, AT&T has been a very highly coveted partner of 100 Thieves for a very long time. They met in 2020, ended up doing a partnership together in 2021. The core focus with that partnership is really based on, from a foundational level, connecting our creators together and allowing us to create content. They actually power the fiber that's in our compound as well. Also, from a fiber perspective which provides fast and reliable Internet. So we've actually been able to like have our players practice and compete out of there. We're able to have people come in from out of town or out of house, we're able to have folks come in from out of town if you're a streamer from a different state or something like that and have to do your streaming hours or things like that. You can come in and enjoy AT&T products and services.

You'll be holding a special 100 Thieves livestream from the AT&T boat today. What's the plan and what kind of experience are you going to give people?

This is a first for me. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone do anything a TwitchCon on the water before. So that's extremely impressive in my mind. I think they even said they had fiber queued up here as well, which is amazing. In terms of a functionality standpoint, they're going to help us create some really cool content. We're going to live stream one of our series pieces of content, We Three Thieves, and we'll get together and talk about some of the stuff that's going on from a streamer perspective. We just launched our first CPG brand earlier this week, an energy drink called Juvie. So I have some moments to talk about that. And then just overall, what we're doing from a Twitch content perspective, so really excited to have these guys out. I think this is super innovative for them to be able to do this all on the water from a boat. So we're excited to have a lot of our content creators come in and talk the talk and stream live.

Interview: Chatting With 100 Thieves On A Boat At TwitchCon
Photo provided courtesy of 100 Thieves, taken by Alyssa McGovern

You're one of the more prolific esports teams out there. You've got your name going, got a ton of brand deals, and whatnot. How's it been seeing 100 Thieves grow to where it is today and become synonymous with esports?

From my perspective, it's truly an honor. There's a ton of great teams and entities in the space over a short period of roughly five years to be in that consideration; when you talk about gaming, esports, and content creation, to be one of the first names that pops in your head is truly an honor. And to be able to do it with partners like AT&T, like I said before, from a foundational perspective, they help make a lot of that happen from our world when we have our content creators come out, our esports players come out to be able to create content or stream or compete or whatever that may be. Having that as a friendly value add to those players and people is something that truly goes above and beyond what other teams are capable of.

For the group itself, what have you got planned for the rest of the year and looking ahead to 2023?

So we've obviously made a North American Valorant franchise spot with VCT. You'll obviously see a lot coming up with that as we bring that team out to L.A., which will be incredible. We have our five-year anniversary coming up in mid-November. And so we'll throw a massive party that will kind of show off where we've been, but where the company is going moving forward as well. So we have some really cool tentpole opportunities coming up in the next year, but obviously. We'll continue to grow from an e-sports perspective as well. So I'd say very similar to what you've seen over the last five years, pouring gasoline on that and continuing to add over the next five years.

Anything else you might like to promote?

Yeah, I'd say definitely keep an eye on what we're doing from an esports perspective. Continue to watch what we're doing with AT&T.We'll continue to level up what we're doing with the content we create on Valorant. We'll continue to level up what we do from an experiential perspective. So I'd say if you like what you've seen with us and AT&T over the last two years, continue to keep an eye on this is more to come.

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