Interview: Chatting With Disguised Toast On The AT&T Boat At TwitchCon

A few weeks ago while we were out at TwtichCon 2022, we got to hang out and chat with Disguised Toast on the AT&T Stream Boat! To show off its 5G wireless capabilities, the company held a number of events on their special Stream Boat during the event where they would take people out into the San Diego Bay and broadcast live from the middle of the water. One of those streams featured Disguised Toast as he chatted for a couple of hours with his friends Sydeon and Scarra with TwitchCon events and more happening in the background. We had a chance to chat with the streamer while he was on the boat about the event and his work with AT&T.

Interview: Chatting With Disguised Toast On The AT&T Boat At TwitchCon
Photo provided courtesy of 100 Thieves, taken by Alyssa McGovern

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang

Interview: Chatting With Disguised Toast On The AT&T Boat At TwitchCon
Photo provided courtesy of 100 Thieves, taken by Alyssa McGovern

BC: How did the opportunity come about to work with AT&T and do this?

DT: My manager just mentioned it to me one day. I was actually at Disneyland and she called me, tell me, "I have a really cool opportunity." And normally she's referring to gaming. Like, "oh, there's this new video game coming out," but this was "AT&T has a boat at TwitchCon, they want you to stream on it." I'm like, "huh?" That sounds really cool, but it is definitely not what I expected. So I said I've never screamed on a boat before. I'm definitely down to just to see what it's like, and I'm glad that it was a very cool experience.

Did you kind of prepare anything or were you just playing it by ear?

Playing it by ear. They're like, oh, do we want to do kind of like a podcast on the boat? I thought I was cool, I like talking. So I figured who do I know that I'm very comfortable with who are great talkers who can do like most of the talking for me while I just enjoy sitting on a boat. So that's as much preparation as I did.

I take it they enjoyed coming out here and having fun with you on the boat as well?

Yeah! I know Syd it has worked with AT&T multiple times in the past and they loved her, so I thought I was the perfect match. When we were waiting on deck, we were just in aew of how big the boat was and how nice it was. We were a little worried about the sun and having the heat right on us. But since we're in the marina, there was a very refreshing breeze at all the times which made it kind of nice.
How was your time on deck doing the stream and what did you think of the stream overall?

Good! Just pretty much talked about TwitchCon, all this fun stuff we did, all the random stories, people we came across, fans we met. It felt very relaxed. It was just like three friends having a conversation. It was great.

What were some of the things that you talked about and stories you shared?

The random, like last night, for example, we just found ourselves at our Airbnb after we went to a party just hanging out and then people just decided, you know what would be fun at 4am at night? Run into the ocean! And that's all we did! One person just had that crazy idea and we're like, okay, I guess we could run into the ocean in the middle of the night. It was really cold, but it was like a lot of fun and it's just silly and kind of dumb things that, I'll be honest, you can do when you're out having fun as friends. Because after this, going back to life, everyone kind of separates because we're streamers, we all live very isolated lives. We just pretty much stay in our bedroom and play video games on the internet. We don't socialize that much, so this is one of the few times you get to do dumb friends stuff you do in high school.

I take it if this ever come up again, you'd be amped to do it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Like after being on a boat once I would love to do more things on a boat. Like fishing on a boat or cruising around and diving off the deck. I think you could do a lot of cool things. This time, I think we just mostly stayed in the marina cause, you know, it's like one of the first time anyone has streamed on a boat. I don't think they want to take a huge risk and go out into the deep ocean. But if they get their internet connection solid; and I think this time they did it, and it was really good, let's see how far we can push it. Like, can we get some deep sea fishing going on? Because I think people love that. It's very relaxing to just fish and talk to chat, like a "Just Chatting" stream and you have something going on in the background cause I think that's what the viewers want. Something in the background that's not the focus of the stream is having a conversation with you guys.

Kind of like a cooking stream.

Exactly, where the cooking is more of a vehicle for conversation than like the actual cooking.

When TwitchCon is over, what are you play playing the rest of the year?

I'm doing boxing in December, I signed up for a boxing match against this other streamer. It's Chess Boxing where you do two minutes of chess and then two minutes of boxing, you go back and forth until one of you gets knocked out in either game. So that's going to be my focus for the rest of the year because I really, really don't want to lose in front of 400,000 people. That'll be very embarrassing, so that's what I'm going to be focusing on.

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