Ion Fury Releases 2.0 Patch Today Ahead Of 2022 Expansion

3D Realms and 1C Entertainment released a new update for Ion Fury as they prepare for the next game expansion coming sometime in Q1 2022. The 2.0 patch comes with a ton of community-requested features that will boost the gameplay including the new pocket inventory system, the addition of a tactical layer to each gunfight, some new revamped controller support, a massive performance upgrade, and more. You can read a little bit about the additions below.

Ion Fury's Aftershock Expansion Is Set For A Summer Release
Credit: 3D Realms

Shelly's arsenal tears through cyborgs better than ever with clever weapon rebalancing. The Chain Gun now has a higher maximum ammo count and pushes users back with concussive force, creating new movement strategies. The Ion Bow now rewards advanced techniques like swap-canceling while charging. Quality-of-life changes refine Ion Fury's campaign. Map bug fixes make levels more pleasurable to navigate. Sleuths can utilize the radar to track down hidden secrets. Each weapon's ammo reserves now fill up the cross-hair for enhanced battle awareness and an increased focus on staying alive. Players will also be able to earn Ion Fury trading cards on Steam at last, as well as collect items like profile backgrounds and emoticons from the Steam Points Shop.

Creating new playgrounds of destruction is more fun with some new map features, such as new rotating sprite structures and remotely controlled viewscreens, added in anticipation of Aftershock. The creatively inclined can look forward to updated examples and scripts for Mapster32 in the near future. Please note that scripts and documentation are released separately and not included in Steam/GOG updates.

Early next year, Aftershock continues the events of Ion Fury with a new action-packed adventure. Pursue the maniacal Dr. Jadus Heskel and stop him from re-sculpting the flesh of humanity with his mechanical designs. Slay new enemies and bosses atop Shelly's Hover Bike with fresh weaponry. Revisit Ion Fury's original campaign with Arrange mode, adding the expansion's foes, armaments, and more.

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