Is Duskull A Good Choice For Pokémon GO Community Day?

Ahead of this weekend's Oshawott Community Day in Pokémon GO, Niantic has announced October's Community Day choice as Duskull. Judging my the reaction of the community on social media, this isn't that popular of a choice. But is it truly a bad choice for Community Day? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of a Duskull Community Day in Pokémon GO?

Duskull in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Duskull in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Pros for Duskull Community Day in Pokémon GO

  • There have been worse: This may not be a strong point to start out with, but this is where the current direction of Pokémon GO Community Day has left us. Niantic has changed the event to not only often feature common species that have already had their Shinies out for a long time such as Machop and Swablu but also species that have already had a Community Day such as Charmander and Eevee. It seems as if all bets are off these days, and I'd put Duskull as a better choice than any of the species listed above.
  • Vibes: It certainly matches the Halloween vibes.
  • Move: Giving Dusknoir Shadow Ball will likely boost its usability.

Cons for Duskull Community Day in Pokémon GO

  • Already Shiny: Fact is, most trainers still miss Community Day being a species' Shiny release. Duskull has had its Shiny out for a long, long time and many trainers already have it.
  • Relatively common: Duskull has been quite common during the past few seasons. Now, it hasn't been a common species as long as Eevee, Machop, and Swablu but it certainly have been available a lot recently.

Is Duskull a Good Choice for Pokémon GO Community Day?

Overall? Eh. It's no big hit but it also shouldn't be the subject of controversy like we're seeing at the moment. We must accept that Niantic has changed what Community Day is and that it happened over a year ago. We're going to see dud Community Days filed in with bangers such as Gible Community Day and the starters. It has been obvious for some time now that this is the new normal, and it is a result of Niantic slowing down the game in order to have Shiny releases for the future of the game. With that in mind, Litwick Community Day? Not likely. We're much more likely to see Litwick as a major Shiny release in the wild for an event and then repurposed for a Community Day years in the future after most of us already have it.

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