Is This 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Bandana Really Worth $1,000?

You can throw this one into the dumbfounded dustbin as a rare bandana from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just sold for over $1,000, and we can't figure out why. More specifically, we can't figure out why anyone would throw away a cool grand on an intangible object that does nothing. The sale made its way through the Reddit discussions as fellow fans are both puzzled and jealous over the purchase. The bandana itself was a special item made only available back in March 2017 to people who pre-ordered the game, making them extremely rare.

Is This 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Bandana Really Worth $1,000?

Since then, people have slowly been purchasing them off those players, starting at $200 and now ending on a sale of $1,015. We could get into a long discussion about cosmetic additions in video games, but the short version to this bandana is that just like any other cosmetic addition, it does absolutely nothing beyond hiding your face. You get no boosted stats, no special armor, no additional features; you're simply wearing a bandana. But that feature isn't stopping many of the 8,000 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players who have one from putting them up on the market for some quick cash. We're kinda curious what you think. Is this really worth the money, or is it just dumb fans buying something useless from people who have a presumed hot item?

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