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Western Streamers Are Bailing On "PUBG" Publicly
and Bluehole what they think of them. Credit: PUBG Corp. But that's not all that was shared on the game's subreddit over the weekend, as pro-player and streamer ChocoTaco announced he was taking a break from the game Here's his full post from Twitter. and ALL OF MY CUSTOM GAME PRESETS DONT WORK AGAIN Loads of issues never[...]
X018 – PUBG comes to Xbox Game Pass
Following the cheating kerfuffle, PUBG Corp and developer Bluehole issued several waves of massive bans against cheating players from the game's servers Their efforts to eliminate cheating from PUBG have continued throughout the last year and a half. Last month, a team at PUBG "conducted a global investigation on all the currently active professional PUBG players" to determine if any[...]
PUBG is Opening its First North American Esports League in January
credit//PUBG Corps. This one will probably come as a surprise to you, but despite its popularity, Bluehole's PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds doesn't have a North American esports league However, PUBG Corp will be changing that come January, according to a recent report by Variety. The National PUBG League or NPL will start its inaugural season in 2019 with a $1[...]
But in September, the firm added the free-to-play "Battle Royale" portion into the game, provoking a plagiarism controversy and allegations that it copied "Battlegrounds" items and user interface (UI). When the controversy flared in September, Bluehole said in a statement that the firm was mulling ways on how to respond to the claims that core elements[...]
How Fortnite Eclipsed PUBG as the Biggest Gaming Phenomenon
Of course, there are also cosmetic differences – Bluehole went with a more photorealistic design for their game, while Epic went with a much more cartoon-inspired vibe that was, actually, inspired by several animated classics like PIXAR's The Incredibles. Despite their similarities and differences, you'd think both battle royale games would do about equally in terms[...]
Tera Console
"The development team at Bluehole has taken great care to ensure that Tera on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retains all the depth of an MMO, along with visceral action combat and an intuitive user interface." Tera combines the usual MMO features with action basedcombat and updated controls for gamepads, which includes: New Lock-On System: Gamers will find a[...]
Part of that is likely down to accessibility and lack of cheaters, as Fortnite is available on more platforms than PUBG, and doesn't have the same cheating problem that has plagued Bluehole's battle royale game since launch Both of those factors have led to a player drop-off in PUBG, especially on PC. Fortnite's cartoony graphics also make it a[...]
The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be getting an update on Friday, which you can check out now in Xbox Game Preview. The major change coming with this update is the loss of the starting arena where you spawn at the beginning of a match.
PUBG 70s 80s Cosmetic crates
Bluehole has revealed two new cosmetics crates for PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds. PUBG is getting '70s and '80s-inspired outfits in the new crates, which will go live on February 22nd You can see some of the retro-inspired looks above, and wow, did Bluehole dig deep for these There's throwback style and then there's actual cultural artifacts, and these outfits lean[...]