Jacksfilms' New Party Game Be Funny Now To Come Out Mid-May

YouTube content creator and comedian Jacksfilms has a new game on the way called Be Funny Now, which we now know will come out this month. Developed by Galvanic Games and New Beings, and being published by Jack Douglass himself, the game takes inspiration from his popular and long-running series of videos called "Yesterday I Asked You". The goal of this competitive party game is to think on your feet and come up with hilarious responses to several rounds of play, with your friends in the game being the judges. In a sense playing like Quiplash, but with various themes that you will have to adapt to at a moment's notice. Right now the game is currently slated to be released on May 17th, 2022 for PC via Steam as well as for mobile devices on both Android and iOS. You can check out more info and the latest trailer for the game below.

Jacksfilms' New Party Game Be Funny Now To Come Out Mid-May
Credit: Galvanic Games

Be Funny Now is the free-to-play competitive party game that pits your wit against the world! Write and draw your funniest answers to an ever-growing list of hundreds of questions and prompts such as "What really killed the dinosaurs?", "What's the Joker's signature catchphrase?", and "In just 4 words, ruin a first date!" Once everyone's answers are in, judge your peers' work with a shower of roses, a round of applause, or a flurry of tomatoes. Play with friends in private lobbies, or get started immediately in a public lobby for 2-8 player action. Stand out from the crowd with custom outfits, emotes, and more. And be sure to check out the daily prompt – a massive battle royale where everyone has 24 hours to answer the same question/prompt, then votes the best answers to the top where one winner will emerge victorious. Think you're funny? Prove it…and Be Funny Now!

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