Flareon, Vaporeon, & Jolteon Get Alt VMAXes In Japanese Pokémon TCG

It looks like the Pokémon TCG is showing more love to the early Eeveelutions than some collectors expected. Back in May, the Japanese set Eevee Heroes was released with a focus on the eponymous Eevee and its many evolutions. Every Eeveelution had a Pokémon V card and one could collect VMAXes of each one as well, with certain ones in the set proper and others as promo cards in specific items. However, the main draw of Eevee Heroes is the Alternate Art cards. Most of the Eeveelutions received Alternate Art Vs and VMAXes, but the original three evolutions of Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon seemed to get snubbed on the Alternate VMAX front. However, the Japanese Pokémon TCG has now released the artwork for these three missing cards which will be available as hyper-limited promo cards.

Flareon, Vaporeon, & Jolteon Alternate Art VMAXes. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Flareon, Vaporeon, & Jolteon Alternate Art VMAXes. Credit: Pokémon TCG

These cards will not be available to pull in packs. Instead, players of the Japanese-language Pokémon TCG  will be tasked with filling out a form available through their official Player Club Accounts. This must be done from July 21st to September 30th. The form will request Pokémon TCG players to submit a report of a game they've played with family or friends, and that form will act as a ticket to a promo card lottery. Winners, it seems, will be given the set of three Alternate Art VMAX cards.

There is no current information as to whether or not these will be released internationally. For all we know, these could show up in the Evolving Skies set with the rest of the Eeveelutions. However, longtime Pokémon TCG source Pokébeach expressed some doubt about a future release, remarking:

It's possible we could get these cards in a future set. However, limited print runs are often kept exclusive to Japan.

Hopefully, they do end up making it to the states!

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