Japan's Kenta "Glory" Sato Is The Hearthstone 2020 World Champion

Hearthstone has a new champion this evening as Japan's own Kenta "glory" Sato has become the 2020 champ in a final clean sweep. The season has been a difficult one for a lot of players as the last time any of these competitors played in-person was clear back in late January at the Esports Stadium in Arlington. The majority of the season has been completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But through online competition, we saw a lot of changes in the status quo of the competitor's list, and a lot of names rise through the ranks. Sato definitely became one of those rising names, being 6th Place or higher in every tournament since April. You can read Blizzard's official account of his win below from tonight's event as we now wait to see what the company has planned for 2021's season.

The majority of the 2020 season was played online. Courtesy of Blizzard.
The majority of the 2020 season was played online. Courtesy of Blizzard.

Glory and Jarla faced off in the opening match of the World Championship, with Jarla sweeping glory 3-0. The final match started off with Jarla taking the first round, as his Libram Paladin bested glory's Control Warrior. Round two showed that glory wasn't going to accept another clean sweep, utilizing Secret Rogue to defeat Jarla's Control Priest. With everything tied up, Jarla's Control Priest fell once again as glory's Control Warrior took the series to 2-1. With only one win away from the Championship, glory brought out his Soul Demon Hunter to clinch against Jarla's OTK Demon Hunter, securing his spot in the Hearthstone Hall of Champions!

"I'm proud of the incredible Hearthstone Esports team for how they have come together from around the world to put on another amazing World Championship," said Drew Higbee, Product Manager for Hearthstone Esports. "This weekend was filled with the best players in the world and we couldn't have hoped for a better conclusion to 2020. Congratulations to glory!"

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