Jay And Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Is Coming To PlayStation & Xbox

Interabang Entertainment and Limited Run Games will be releasing Jay And Silent Bob Mall Brawl on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The side-scrolling 8-bit-inspired beat-em-up had been previously released on both the Nintendo Switch and Steam last year, but now the game is coming to both current and next-gen consoles along with some special physical editions for those looking to collect. The game has also been enhanced with higher-quality visuals and a remixed soundtrack for both, which will be added to previous versions of the game as a free update. Fans can pick up the Standard Edition for $30 through Limited Run, or they can go all-in and save the Collector's Edition for $60. The latter of which comes with a physical version of the game, a retro cartridge sleeve that fits the standard game case, the 12 Song 8-Bit Mall Brawl soundtrack, and an 18' x 24' reversible poster. Both versions will be released on May 10th, 2021.

A look at the cartridge of the physical version, courtesy of Limited Run Games.
A look at the cartridge of the physical version, courtesy of Limited Run Games.

After sabotaging a public-access TV "Truth or Date" broadcast that was being filmed at the mall, Jay and Silent Bob are pursued by the chief of security LaFours and his low-level goons. In Jay And Silent Bob Mall Brawl, the duo will have to battle a path back home to their familiar post outside the Quick Stop. They'll face countless security guards, aggressive mall rats, bouncing barrels, and a host of other threats that are bound to be familiar to players who grew up in the NES era of 8-bit brawlers. Mall Brawl stars Kevin Smith's iconic duo in a game that draws from the entire View Askeweniverse. Players can take on the challenge solo, swapping between characters at will, or bring along a bud for some two-player couch co-op. The pixel art may give you flashbacks to simpler times, but combos, weapons, and other touches provide depth for those who seek it.

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