Kakao Games Invests $20M Into Frost Giant Studios

Kakao Games announced this week they have made a major investment into Frost Giant Studios to the tune of $20 million. At the moment, Frost Giant Studios are working on their first real-time strategy game, which they haven't talked much about but are set to reveal it sometime later this year. And it appears Kakao looks to make sure that the game gets produced in a timely manner with this major investment into the company. We have a couple of quotes and some notes below from the announcement, but beyond the initial information, no finer details were released about where that money will be going or how involved Kakao will be with FGS's day-to-day operations with that kind of an investment.

Kakao Games Invests $20M Into Frost Giant Studios
Credit: Kakao Games

Kakao Games provided the largest sum in the total 25 million USD Series A investment round, making it Frost Giant's lead investor. The game industry mainstays have had their hand in a number of the best-selling PC game franchises of all time, with Tim Morten (Frost Giant CEO and Production Director) having acted as Production Director for StarCraft II, and Tim Campbell (Frost Giant Game Director and President) working as Lead Campaign Designer for WarCraft III, amongst their various high-profile accomplishments.

"The team at Frost Giant Studio have already proven they have strong development capabilities, creating beloved RTS hits in the global market in the past," says Kakao Games CEO Kyehyun Cho. "We look forward to seeing them present their first game as a studio, and will actively work together to showcase good work through our close partnership."

Frost Giant Studios CEO Tim Morten notes, "Kakao Games is a Publisher recognized in both the Korean and global markets; we are very happy to be working together. With their support we'll do our best to present a next-gen RTS game that can be enjoyed by players worldwide."

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