Koei Tecmo Reveal Dead Or Alive 6 Will Receive an Arcade Version

Those of you who have been hoping to see an arcade version of Dead Or Alive 6, you're going to get your wish as Koei Tecmo confirmed one is coming. The news came on the company's Japanese website where they basically laid out some brief details about how it will come to be, but didn't elaborate as to when we'd see it. Here's what the company had to say on their site, which we've roughly translated for you.

Koei Tecmo Reveal Dead Or Alive 6 Will Receive an Arcade Version
credit//Koei Tecmo

Distribution of "DEAD OR ALIVE 6" with "ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3" for arcade games provided by SEGA INTERACTIVE INC. (Head Office: Ota Ward, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yukio Sugino) Has been decided.  "ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3" will be the latest version of the contents distribution service for arcade games provided by SEGA INTERACTIVE, and "DEAD OR ALIVE 6" will be operated at the arcade nationwide through this service . Please wait for the future announcement for the details about the arcade version.

If its like other recent arcade edition fitting this format, expect it to be launched in Japan first before we ever see it in Europe or North America. But when it does come to the states, it's sure to be a hit for both bar arcades and tournaments.

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