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Lords of the Fallen 2 is Still Coming but From a New Developer

Lords of the Fallen developer CI Games has announced that another game in the series is on the way, but it is being handed off to new studio Defiant.

lord of the fallen

Lords of the Fallen is much remembered as one of the first games that really took the formula that Demon Souls and Dark Souls perfected and tried to spin it into something else. It wasn't anywhere as near masterful as From Software's work, but it was still a decent game if you were looking for more of that. The notion of a sequel has circulated for a few years, but up until now, word on it has been pretty sparse.

Well, now we have an official update. If you were looking for more from the series, it is probably good news too. Developer CI Games announced that the sequel was still moving forward but that they would be stepping aside to give the project to Defiant. That is a new studio said to be helmed by many developers who had worked previously on Just Cause. The game will launch on consoles and PC, but past that, no further details were announced.

While Lords of the Fallen isn't the biggest IP in the world, it did at least suggest there was promise in other developers taking on the genre and exploring new ideas in it. Hell, one of the developers on the first game went on to make The Surge. I'd be up for another crack at Lords of the Fallen and seeing what can be made of it, so we will have to wait and see what the team can do with it.

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