Magic: The Gathering Releases The Kaldheim Cinematic Trailer

During the New York Game Awards this week, Wizards of the Coast showed off the cinematic trailer for the Kaldheim set in Magic: The Gathering. In what WotC is referring to MTG's most metal set ever, this expansion set will be released on Magic: The Gathering Arena starting today, and everywhere else on February 5th. Those who enjoy a bit of the Viking lifestyle will be happy with some of the look and splendor of the cards, enjoy snow-covered lands, a couple of new mechanics that will spice up gameplay and give you a bit of an edge in certain matches, and a number of other additions to keep everyone on their toes. Enjoy the trailer below and have fun with the game's latest set to drop online today.

The fun and challenges that await you in Magic: The Gathering this time, courtesy of WotC.
The fun and challenges that await you in Magic: The Gathering this time, courtesy of WotC.

Kaldheim brings our continuing adventure to a world named, appropriately enough, Kaldheim. Inspired by Norse mythology, Kaldheim encompasses ten distinct realms, each with its own inhabitants, cultures, and magic waiting to be discovered. Throw in a pantheon that's a little more hands-on than most and a giant World Tree, and we have ourselves a party. Let's take a look at the major mechanics that await you. Kaldheim is home to Elves and Dwarves, Humans and Giants, and more than a few beings who are all the above. Changeling is a returning keyword ability that gives a creature or creature card all creature types, no matter where it is. And those, my friends, are the mechanics of Kaldheim. But there's so much more to this set! New planeswalkers, legends galore, fantastic locations, innovative spells, and more are waiting for you. I hope you have an amazing Prerelease, wherever you are. Stay safe and enjoy Kaldheim!

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