MapleStory M Has Launched Its 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Nexon revealed plans this week for MapleStory M's third anniversary, which is now currently underway for all players. The free-to-play mobile MMORPG, which you can get on both iOS and Android, is kicking off the anniversary with a host of new features and content starting on Monday, July 5th. They will be starting with the latest update to drop that morning which includes the highly anticipated addition of 5th Job Skills, as well as the Arcane River Special Content being included, and a level cap increase to 230. We have the rundown of everything happening this month for you here.

MapleStory M Has Launched Its 3rd Anniversary Celebration
Credit: Nexon Inc.

5th Job Skills have officially arrived in MapleStory M, offering players above Level 200 that have completed job advancement quests, the opportunity to fortify their characters' abilities by allowing them to upgrade from primary 1-4 Job Skills to use 5th Job Skills. Unlike the initial 1-4 Job Skills, 5th Job Skills are divided into three different types – Shared Skills, Class-Specific Skills, and Job Skills, offering more diverse battle opportunities for characters and overall use.

  • Shared Skills: Skills that can be acquired and used by any character regardless of Class or Job.
  • Class-Specific Skills: Skills that can only be used by a specific Class (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, or Pirate).
  • Job Skills: Skills that are limited to a specific Job, similar to applications with 1st through 4th Job Skills.

With 5th Job Skills acquired, access to the Arcane River area along with special Arcane River content is granted. The Arcane River provides advanced MapleStory M content including daily quests, the ability to boost Arcane Power and gain stronger Arcane Symbols which enable characters to boost their damage and deal stronger hits when hunting in the Arcane River area. The Arcane River also adds new daily quests which become available after the region's story quests have been completed.

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