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Nexon dropped new details this week for the 4th Anniversary of MapleStory M as you're getting some fun activities this month The anniversary serves as the launching point for the second summer update being added this year, which introduces a new class with the psychic magician, Kinesis The update also adds in a ton of[...]
MapleStory Reveals New Details About Its Two-Part Summer Update
Nexon has dropped new details this week to their upcoming update for MapleStory as they will be releasing two major updates this Summer Starting on June 15th, the team will be releasing the first part called Destiny: Remastered, which will bring with it special events, a revamp of the Explorer jobs you can do, and[...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Makes His Way To KartRider Rush+
SEGA and Nexon have come together for a brand new collaboration as they're bringing Sonic The Hedgehog to KartRider Rush+ As you might suspect, it's all part of the latest push to have Sonic appear in every game and franchise known to man to help promote the latest film.  But it's not just Sonic who[...]
Mabinogi Launches 14th Anniversary Event
Nexon has released a brand new event into Mabinogi to run the next few weeks as they're celebrating the game's 14th Anniversary The event will run all the way until April 14th and will include a number of things for you to do including going to the Night Bazaar, several quests including daily ones and[...]
Nexon Announces DNF Duel Will Launch Globally This June
Nexon has announced they will be releasing DNF Duel globally this year as they now have a target release date for this June Working with Arc System Works, they are bringing this all new fighting game based on Nexon's Dungeon&Fighter franchise, which as we speak has registered over 850 million players worldwide For this game[...]
MapleStory M Adds New New Cannoneer Class The The Game
Nexon also updated MapleStory M this week as they added a brand new Cannoneer class for people to choose from The latest update to the free-to-play mobile MMORPG has added this class to bring about more explosive offense which also happens to have a playful monkey that provides attack support The update has also given[...]
Nexon dropped a new update in MapleStory this week as the Double Trouble Superstars have been added to the mix Basically, you now have access to new offerings featuring the Yeti and Pink Bean World character creation options These two also bring along some new special event boosts with the Singles' and Couple's Army, as[...]
Nexon Will Release Dungeon & Fighter Mobile In South Korea Next Month
Nexon has announced this week that they will be releasing Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in South Korea for their mobile services in late March The game will be building on the franchise that's been going for several years now, as we're getting what appears to be a new arcade-style side-scrolling action battler title featuring characters[...]
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Nexon has released a new update for MapleStory M this week as they have added new dungeons and other updates to start 2022 This specific update has added two new dungeons with the Arcane River region: Erda Spectrum and Hungry Muto Each of them comes with minigames and can only be entered by players level[...]
Giveaway: 4,000 Codes For KartRider: Drift's Closed Beta
Nexon will be launching a closed beta for their upcoming game KartRider: Drift on December 8th and they really want everyone to join in! The company provided us 3,000 codes to give out for anyone to join up on Steam and pre-download the game before the servers go live TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY:[...]
MapleStory Fest Will Return For Fourth Year In November
Nexon has announced the return of MapleStory Fest as the yearly celebration of the game will return for a fourth year in November Due to the pandemic keeping things a little bit at bay when it comes to events, they are having another MapleStory Fest at Home, which will take place via their Twitch channel and[...]
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Nexon has got a brand new limited-time event coming to MapleStory as Bugcat Capoo will be joining the game in next month's update The update will be added to the game on October 6th as the vegetable-hating character and many of his animal friends end up wandering into Maple World for the first time This[...]
MapleStory M Gets The Dual Blade Class In Latest Update
Nexon has released a brand new update into MapleStory M as players now have access to the new Dual Blade character class and other additions The character class belongs to a guild of rogue thieves who work in the shadows and bring furious attacks to their opponents So you're getting someone who can generate a[...]
MapleStory Launches Neo: Light’s Wrath, Part Two
This past week, Nexon released the latest addition to MapleStory as players can finally experience Neo: Light's Wrath, Part Two This new chapter of the game throws you head first into a new desert area called Hotel Arcus, which comes with a bevy of new quests available to players level 270 and above The update[...]
MapleStory M Has Launched Its 3rd Anniversary Celebration
Nexon revealed plans this week for MapleStory M's third anniversary, which is now currently underway for all players The free-to-play mobile MMORPG, which you can get on both iOS and Android, is kicking off the anniversary with a host of new features and content starting on Monday, July 5th They will be starting with the[...]