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Warhaven Shows Off NVIDIA DLSS 3 Implementation Trailer
Nexon has announced today that they are coming in last minute with a free demo of Warhaven for Steam Next Fest, which is happening now The team apparently decided to keep this one under wraps until the very moment the festival went live, but you can play an updated build of the game, completely free[...]
The First Descendant
Nexon has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game The First Descendant, with a number of cool tidbits seen throughout The biggest of the reveals is that the South Korean developer will be holding a special cross-platform beta test for the next-gen free-to-play third-person co-op action RPG shooter, as they are working their[...]
Blue Archive Launches Main Event Storyline This Week
Nexon has released a brand new update for the game Blue Archive with the official launch of the game's Main Event storyline The update provides players with the latest content in the lengthy name of "Vol 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch 2 'The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light' (First Half)." Players get a chance[...]
Veiled Experts Releases One Last Trailer Ahead Of Final Beta Test
Nexon has officially released Veiled Experts into Early Access, giving players on Steam a chance to try the game out before they fully release it This is a global release that includes  3v3 and 5v5 matchups, team deathmatch, and AI mode with ten characters and seven maps available for you to experience Which includes Korea[...]
Block World Arrives As Part Of KartRider Rush+ Season 19
Nexon has officially launched the latest season for KartRider Rush+ as Season 19 brings about Block World to the races Without crossing over into any copyrighted territory, you'll see that a lot of the courses now share a bit of a theme with some familiar games you've played in the past, specifically ones where you[...]
Warhaven Will Release A Free Demo During Steam Next Fest
Nexon revealed this morning that they will be bringing Warhaven to the next Steam Next Fest, as players will be getting a free demo in June The 16v16 PvP medieval brawler will give you an opportunity to experience all of the mayhem for a solid week as they will open up their servers and give[...]
MapleStory Celebrates 18th Anniversary With New Events
Nexon is holding a special anniversary event in MapleStory this month as the game is celebrating its 18th Anniversary in style The team have decided to commemorate the milestone with an anniversary party that will have multiple in-game celebrations, complete with cake and prizes for the taking! Pat of which will involve following the growth[...]
Veiled Experts Releases One Last Trailer Ahead Of Final Beta Test
Nexon has confirmed this week that they have set up a release date for Veiled Experts on Steam, as players can get it in Early Access on May 18th Coming off several beta tests, the game will be presented in a limited fashion with all of the changes and feedback provided by testing You can[...]
Blue Archive Introduces New Student Named Kokona
Nexon released a new update recently for Blue Archive as they have added a new student to the roster by the name of Kokona The character was announced last week and officially released into the game over the weekend, giving you an all-new option for combat with a Piercing Striker The character also comes with[...]
Veiled Experts Releases One Last Trailer Ahead Of Final Beta Test
Nexon dropped one last trailer this morning for Veiled Experts to show off the game before they launch the Final Beta Test at the end of March The trailer shows off some of what you can expect in the test, which will include 7 maps, 10 agents, and 4 unique modes for you to try[...]
Veiled Experts Opens Up Final Beta Test Signups With Latest Trailer
Nexon has released a new trailer for Veiled Experts to show off more of the gameplay, as they are taking registrations for their final Beta Test The trailer gives you what is probably the best look at the combat you'll see to date before it comes out, as you're thrown into the middle of real[...]
Nexon & HyperX Collaborate For Loot Drop III Event
Nexon and HyperX have announced a brand new collaborative event between the two, as they will participate in Loot Drop III this month For a limited time, you'll be able to snag the Limited Edition Keycap – MapleStory Orange Mushroom, a nod to the MapleStory franchise, as this will be the second HX3D personalized keycap[...]
Blue Archive Receives New Story Event For Volume 3
Nexon has released a new update for Blue Archive, as Volume 3 has a new piece of the story added to Eden Treaty: Chapter 4 Players can now experience Part 2 of the event story "Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods," as you'll be getting Episodes 17-27, ready to play right now On top of that,[...]
Giveaway: 4,000 Codes For KartRider: Drift's Closed Beta
Nexon dropped a brand new trailer for KartRider: Drift, showing off the first season on the way to the game and more with the next update The team will be launching the game's first official season on March 8th, 2023, and with it will come a brand new map for you to play on, hence[...]
Vindictus Adds Mysterious 22nd Hero To The Roster
Nexon dropped a brand new character into their MMORPG Vindictus, as the mysterious Charon makes her way into the game To celebrate the arrival of the new character, the game is hosting a brand new event which they are uninventively calling the "Charon's Celebratory Package Event." Yes, that is the name From now and running[...]
MapleStory M Adds New Original Character & Multiple Events
Nexon has released a new update for MapleStory M, bringing in several events as well as an all-new original character Sia Astelle joins the roaster as the first original character created by the team for the mobile edition of the franchise, as up until this point, they've used familiar and already established people from MapleStory[...]
KartRider Rush+ Releases Season 17 With Jurassic Theme
Nexon has released the latest season for KartRider Rush+, as players will now encounter a few dinosaurs on Jurassic Island Players now have access to a brand new track that comes with its own set of obstacles and challenges that are themed around dinosaurs As well as new challenges, new karts to collect, new modes[...]
Warhaven Shows Off NVIDIA DLSS 3 Implementation Trailer
Nexon decided to release a new trailer for Warhaven this week as they have shown off the new NVIDIA DLSS 3 implementation The team showed off the new changes during CES 2022 this week as we got a good look at how they have utilized the technology to bring stunning graphics and performance to their[...]
Blue Archive Releases New Story Event In Latest Update
Nexon dropped a new update into Blue Archive this week, adding a new story event to continue the exploits of the classmates This new addition is part of Volume 3, as you're getting Chapter 4, which they are calling "Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods." This will update the main story and explore the aftermath of[...]
Veiled Experts Opens Up Final Beta Test Signups With Latest Trailer
Nexon has put out an open call to all gamers to get in on their latest title, Veiled Experts, as they're setting up one last beta The team is looking to get the game finalized, and in order to do that, they need players to jump into the fray and test out the latest changes[...]
MapleStory M Officially Launches Remastered Explorer Class
Nexon has released a brand new update for MapleStory M as the team has launched the newly remastered Explorer class The class has been given a top-to-bottom upgrade that will suit the meta more and give players a chance to try some new abilities in the mix The update to the class comes with a[...]
Blue Archive Announces New Story Event Revealed
Nexon has announced a new event for the game Blue Archive as they will be holding a new story event called "An Unconcealed Heart." The event won't kick off until November 29th, but the devs are having you pre-register to take part in it, which you must do before Monday, November 28th Those who do[...]
MapleStory Fest 2022 Reveals Plans As it Returns Next Month
Nexon has officially announced that MapleStory Fest 2022 will be taking place in person this year as it will happen in mid-November It's been a minute since they've had a proper convention with the pandemic putting the breaks on anything that wasn't online only for a while But now the team is back, and they're[...]
Darkness Rises Receives New Fourth Anniversary Content
Nexon released a new update for their game Darkness Rises this past week, marking the mobile game's fourth anniversary It's kinda cool this particular game has made it this far, as there have been times it looked like maybe the devs might be ready to either move onto another project or evolve it into something[...]
Auto Draft
Nexon dropped new details this week for the 4th Anniversary of MapleStory M as you're getting some fun activities this month The anniversary serves as the launching point for the second summer update being added this year, which introduces a new class with the psychic magician, Kinesis The update also adds in a ton of[...]
MapleStory Reveals New Details About Its Two-Part Summer Update
Nexon has dropped new details this week to their upcoming update for MapleStory as they will be releasing two major updates this Summer Starting on June 15th, the team will be releasing the first part called Destiny: Remastered, which will bring with it special events, a revamp of the Explorer jobs you can do, and[...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Makes His Way To KartRider Rush+
SEGA and Nexon have come together for a brand new collaboration as they're bringing Sonic The Hedgehog to KartRider Rush+ As you might suspect, it's all part of the latest push to have Sonic appear in every game and franchise known to man to help promote the latest film.  But it's not just Sonic who[...]
Mabinogi Launches 14th Anniversary Event
Nexon has released a brand new event into Mabinogi to run the next few weeks as they're celebrating the game's 14th Anniversary The event will run all the way until April 14th and will include a number of things for you to do including going to the Night Bazaar, several quests including daily ones and[...]
Nexon Announces DNF Duel Will Launch Globally This June
Nexon has announced they will be releasing DNF Duel globally this year as they now have a target release date for this June Working with Arc System Works, they are bringing this all new fighting game based on Nexon's Dungeon&Fighter franchise, which as we speak has registered over 850 million players worldwide For this game[...]
MapleStory M Adds New New Cannoneer Class The The Game
Nexon also updated MapleStory M this week as they added a brand new Cannoneer class for people to choose from The latest update to the free-to-play mobile MMORPG has added this class to bring about more explosive offense which also happens to have a playful monkey that provides attack support The update has also given[...]