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MapleStory Is Celebrating Its Sixteenth Anniversary
Nexon revealed this week that they will be throwing a celebration with a few different events for the 16th Anniversary of MapleStory Right now, you can jump into the Hotel Maple VIP Membership and participate in special anniversary events for a limited time This includes new missions and mini-games with the ability to link up[...]
KartRider Rush+ WIll Get A New Character By Jisoo From BLACKPINK
Photo courtesy of Ketchum. This three-way collaboration between LINE FRIENDS, Nexon, and Jisoo is the first global project to kick off since LINE FRIENDS concluded a strategic partnership with the global gaming titan NEXON last year in a bid to diversify the global IP business of the popular racing game, KartRider, with 17-year history The mobile[...]
KartRider Rush+ Receieved The Season 5 Update This Week
You can read more about the season below. Check out the new Northeu theme inside KartRider Rush+ for Season 5, courtesy of Nexon. The adventure continues as the Season 5 update, Northeu, a unique space experience adding five new characters including Taki, Zorro Neo, Guardian Keffy, Galaxy Rider Uni and new karts Players will also continue their racing[...]
Nexon Announces DNF Duel At Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival
During the Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival over the weekend, Nexon revealed a brand new game on the way with DNF Duel As you might suspect from the name, this will be a brand new fighting game based in the Dungeon & Fighter universe featuring a lot of the characters from that franchise Basically, the[...]
Giveaway: Multiple Codes For V4 Content & Packs
The celebrate the addition of the new Archer class in V4, Nexon has given us a bunch of codes to give out to you for the game The company has given us a bunch of coupon codes, which you can find at the bottom of this post Each coupon has a specific item that can[...]
Giveaway: 400 Codes For Darkness Rises Anniversary On Android
Nexon is celebrating the second anniversary of Darkness Rises by giving away a ton of free stuff for the game to Android users Below we have 400 codes provided by the devs, which we are giving away on a first-come-first-serve basis, for you to get a special pack of items to celebrate the game's second[...]
MapleStory M Received A Summer Content Update Today
Nexon revealed today that MapleStory M now has a new summer content update that you can download and play today This summer event marks the arrival of a new dungeon boss, some new limited-time events, and additional areas for you to explore throughout the game This update basically delivers a series of new experiences and[...]
Nexon Reveals Their New Mobile Adventure Title V4
Nexon has got a brand new MMORPG on the way for mobile as iOS and Andriod players will be able to get in on V4 The company has been teasing the game for a minute since 2019 but we haven't seen much of anything as it's been in development with a lot of hush-hush happening[...]
Nexon America Reveals "KartRider: Drift" During X019
Nexon is currently testing out the game to see if everything works alright before they test it, and they would like to get some players in the mix to help So they gave us 150 codes across Xbox One, Steam, and the Nexon Launcher for you to use The beta itself will be pretty basic,[...]
Nexon’s "Spiritwish" Receieves A Brand New Content Update
Nexon has finally released a brand new update into Spiritwish, the first major content update since the game was launched You can download the update totally free via App Store and Google Play, as you play as Three Gods vying for control of the ancient relics and to protect the land of Kaleva against looming evil[...]
"AxE: Alliance Vs Empire" Receives Its Own Halloween Update
Nexon took some time this week to release a brand new Halloween update for their mobile game AxE: Alliance Vs Empire We got the full details for you here as you'll get a new dungeon, costumes, a special event, and a few new enhancements You can download the update for AxE: Alliance Vs Empire today. Credit:[...]
"AxE: Alliance Vs Empire" Receives A Massive Content Update
Nexon announced this evening that AxE: Alliance Vs Empire is receiving a major content update to the MMORPG that will help improve the game Below are the improvements they're adding in this week, which includes a new Moonstone System and a season event on the way for Halloween The update is available as we speak,[...]
“Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao” Is Coming To PC
Nexon has officially announced today that it will bring Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Tactics) to Steam this month Last year the company had remade the Koei Tecmo classic title and turned it into a mobile game, but now the company is taking pre-registration signups for a Steam version coming on[...]
Auto Draft
MapleStory 2 just got their biggest update to the game since it was first launched as Nexon has rolled out the Awakening Expansion today This is a content-heavy update that adds a new Striker class for those into melee characters, a new level cap increase, a second job rank for every class, throws in the[...]
AxE Celebrates its 100-Day Anniversary with 150-player PvP
Nexon's mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire is celebrating it's 100-day anniversary with a series of special events and in-game rewards The biggest addition to the game for the 100-Day anniversary is the inclusion of 150-player PvP battles, which raise the stakes on the game's main conflict of global domination between two opposing factions. As of[...]