Marvel's Iron Man VR Gets A New PSVR Bundle Pack

Now that Marvel's Iron Man VR has a proper release date, Sony has unveiled a new PSVR Bundle Pack for the game. Originally planned to be released this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment pushed the release date back due to COVID-19 and the fact they couldn't promote it like they wanted to. It was one of many games the company, at the time, postponed indefinitely, until a few weeks later when they rescheduled a ton of stuff. Now we know the game will get an official release on July 3rd, 2020 (provided it isn't pushed back again for weird reasons). As part of the promotion for the release, Sony is now promoting the sale of a new PSVR Bundle Pack for the game, just in case you want to play it but don't own a PSVR unit to do so.

A look at the Iron Man VR Bundle, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
A look at the Iron Man VR Bundle, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The bundle itself comes with the primary game, a PSVR headset, two motion controllers, a PlayStation camera (to detect the VR unit), and a VR demo disc containing a couple simple VR games for you to play and test out the system beyond Marvel's Iron Man VR. You might be wondering what all this will cost you. Well, be prepared to dive into that stimulus money the government sent out, as this entire package is being sold for $350. Yes, that's correct, this bundle costs more than if you just went to the store and bought a PlayStation 4 off the shelf for $300. There is a smaller bundle coming out that just has the main game and two motion controllers, which is being sold for $100. Either way, that is stupid expensive for a single game, VR or not. Will you be buying this bundle or Marvel's Iron Man VR when it comes out in July?

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