Merge Games Reveals Foreclosed Will Be Coming In Q2 2021

Merge Games and Antab Studio revealed this weekend that their next game Foreclosed will be coming out in the Spring of 2021. Debuting on the Summer of Gaming Show, we now know the game will be headed to PC and all three major consoles sometime in Q2 2021, and celebrated the announcement with a reveal trailer. You can check out the details below along with the trailer and screenshots.

What will you do in the comic book world of Evan Kapnos? Courtesy of Merge Games.
What will you do in the comic book world of Evan Kapnos? Courtesy of Merge Games.

Foreclosed combines the interactivity of video games with the visual aesthetic of comic books. Everything from game-play to cinematics are experienced within the stylistic framework of a graphic novel. Full screen and comic panel perspectives are seamlessly blended as you move throughout the city. Onomatopoeia's, speech balloons, taglines and multiple panels are used to authentically evoke the comic book style. What great comic book doesn't have a great story? Foreclosed is inspired by some of Antab Studio's real-life experiences and shows us what happens when one loses their identity. After all, a person's identity on paper is just a collection of information and numbers. Follow the story of Evan Kapnos, his identity recently Foreclosed, stripped of his job, his brain implants and his access to the city Block-chain, he must now escape the city before his identity and implants are auctioned off.

Utilize the weapons and tech you find along the way to fight back against the unknown assailants who chase you through the city. Modify your Symbiotic Pistol with Explosive Rounds or go silent and equip the Stealth Bullets mod. Use superhero-like abilities to fight opponents and manipulate your surroundings with Brain Implant upgrades, use telekinesis and launch your enemies into the air or hurl huge objects at groups. Hack different systems for access and traps or even hack the minds of others with implants.

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