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Ultimate Chicken Horse To Release "A-Neigh-Versary” Edition
Merge Games and Clever Endeavour Games have revealed that Ultimate Chicken Horse will be getting a special edition Set to arrive in October, the Ultimate Chicken Horse "A-Neigh-Versary" Edition will have five years of content rolled into a single game, along with a bunch of physical bonuses added to the package These include a Chicken[...]
Streets of Rage 4 Shows Off Mr. X Nightmare DLC Gameplay
What's more, a new physical version of the game will this content included on the cartridge is also now available for pre-order through Merge Games, and will launch on September 28th We have the full rundown of what's in the DLC along with the latest trailer for you here. Credit: Dotemu The fight continues in Wood Oak[...]
Monster Harvest Changes Release Date To August 19th
Merge Games and Maple Powered Games revealed that they have pushed back the release date of Monster Harvest to August 19th The game has been slated for earlier but the team had to make the decision to slide it back into August so that players got the best possible version of the game You can[...]
Merge Games Is Brining Haunted Space To PC & Next-Gen Consoles
This week, Merge Games and Italian Games Factory released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming sci-fi horror adventure title Haunted Space The game was introduced a short time ago and has been one that's been on our minds for a while as it gives new meaning to the genre of sci-fi horror with some[...]
Foreclosed Gets A Reveal Trailer During The Golden Joystick Awards
Merge Games revealed today that they will be releasing their upcoming cyberpunk action title Foreclosed this August If you're not familiar with the game, this one is going to be a narrative-driven action-adventure game that has been set in a cyberpunk future filled with all sorts of conspiracies It is up to you to root[...]
Merge Games Is Brining Haunted Space To PC & Next-Gen Consoles
Merge Games and Italian Games Factory revealed their latest game today in Haunted Space, as it's headed to PC and next-gen platforms This one looks super interesting as it is primarily a first-person dogfighting title where you're in space shooting a lot of evil-looking stuff coming your way Because, of course, we're not alone in[...]
Buildings Have Feelings Too! Will be Released In March 2021
Developed by Blackstaff Games and being published by Merge Games, we first saw this game clear back at PAX West 2018, and it was supposed to come out the following Spring But for whatever reason, the game was delayed and we haven't heard much about it ever since There was a moment there where we[...]
Merge Games Reveals Definitely Not Fried Chicken
Merge Games dropped an interesting title on everyone from developer Dope Games as we're getting Definitely Not Fried Chicken Taking one massive page from Breaking Bad and running with it, you be setting up shop in a glamorous '80s town somewhere with a ton of sunshine as you'll be taking on a business management sim[...]
Hellpoint Will be Coming To Nintendo Switch In February
Merge Games and tinyBuild Games revealed this week that Hellpoint will be coming to Nintendo Switch next month Not only that, they're going all-out for this release with a physical version with Cradle Games with the Signature Edition As you can see from the image below, along with the complete game you get a special[...]
Spirit Of The North Enhanced Edition Launches On PS5
Merge Games and developers Infuse Studio have announced that Spirit Of The North: Enhanced Edition is now available on the PS5 The game has been given a nice upgrade all around for you to jump into, as you can currently snag a digital version to play through the PlayStation Store It will be your task to[...]
Foreclosed Gets A Reveal Trailer During The Golden Joystick Awards
Merge Games and Antab Studio revealed a new trailer for the game Forclosed during the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards The game is an action-adventure cyberpunk shooter that will have you looking for your stolen identity in a world where having one is more valuable than cash All of it shown off in an awesome comic[...]
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Gets A Gameplay Trailer At Gamescom 2020
Merge Games and developer Still Running revealed this week that Morbid: The Seven Acolytes will be released in early December 2020 We've been keeping an eye out for this horrorpunk action RPG as it is one of the bloodiest games we've seen this year, anxiously awaiting when we'd learn of its release Now we know[...]
PC Gaming Show Debuts New DwarfHeim Trailer
Merge games revealed this past week that the will officially bring DwarfHeim to Early Access starting in October The game is currently being sown off during PAX Online this week, and with it came this news as players will be able to start trying the game out starting on October 22nd We have the full[...]
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Gets A Gameplay Trailer At Gamescom 2020
Merge Games had a number of reveals at Gamescom 2020, including a new gameplay trailer for Morbid: The Seven Acolytes The trailer below comes from the Future Games Show presentation where the company shows off more of the gameplay and walks you through a number of the pits and perils along the way Right now[...]
Merge Games Reveals Details About Smalland At Future Games Show
Merge Games took time during the Future Games Show this weekend to reveal more details about their upcoming title Smalland The game has you as a human being shrunk down to the size of a pebble living in the wilderness and learning to survive as you are You will encounter all kinds of creatures in[...]