Microtransactions May Not Return to Star Wars Battlefront II

The Star Wars Battlefront II microstransactions story has run on and on, and over the last few days, it seems to have lost just a little bit of steam. As people begin picking over the wreckage of this story, perhaps we will get more honest reflection and change. Or perhaps we won't. The cards between EA, the audience and even politicians are still settling, so it's not exactly clear what the ramifications will be of all this. For right now though, microtransactions are still out of the Battlefront experience. It's possible it will stay that way, too.

Microtransactions May Not Return to Star Wars Battlefront II

Glixel reported from the Nasdaq Investor Conference on Tuesday that EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that not turning the purchases back on is on the table:

"Clearly we are very focused on listening to the consumer and understanding what the consumer wants and that's evolving constantly. But we're working on improving the progression system. We turned the MTX off as an opportunity to work on the progression system inside the game. We're continuing to do that. I think there's an update this week and again next week. Overtime we'll address how we will want to bring the MTX either into the game or not and what form we will decide to bring it into."

That "or not" in the final sentence is an important one. So is the setting, as this was to investors, not consumer facing. At the same time, I wouldn't hold EA to this. Things change, and if EA feels it can get away with it, I'm sure they will bring in-game purchases back into the title. The question is: how much of a publicity hit will EA take when they come back?

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