Mirror Forge Will Be Released On December 6th

DreadXP and developer MystiveDev announced this week that they will be releasing their upcoming game, Mirror Forge, on December 6th. This is one of those games we've heard was being worked on for a minute, but we didn't have a clear idea of when we'd be seeing it until the team got closer to finishing it. Looks like the work is done as they'll be releasing it for PC next week, along with all the traumatizing horror from your nightmares you can handle, all dressed in puzzles. Enjoy the latest trailer below!

Mirror Forge Will Be Released On December 6th
Credit: DreadXP

"Mirror Forge is a first-person psychological survival horror game featuring alternate dimensions wreathed in darkness and beings ripped from nightmares. Tackle deadly puzzles. Survive threats both seen… and unseen. Piece together clues from an alien world. Above all else, avoid the grasp of utter madness when reality warps around you. Confront Thomas' demons and go off in search of his estranged partner Jill who was taken by an otherworldly force. Piece together the mystery of the Mirror Forge, a sinister device that has altered reality, causing pain and inner turmoil to physically manifest. Can Thomas overcome his troubled past to save the future of the multiverse?

The game is set in several varying environments starting from gloomy, narrow apartments to open towns, ancient houses, and factories, dead terrifying realities that play tricks on your mind and change constantly to reflect your inner turmoil. Explore twisted hellscapes where your haunting thoughts are the least of your concerns. Use your wits to explore the environment and solve numerous puzzles. You'll have to rely on your stealth and reflexes to survive. Investigate the warping reality, trying to uncover what is really happening. Death lurks around every corner. Avoid dark entities which roam around you, deformed and symbolically designed to mock your very existence."

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