Modiphius Announces Masters Of Dune Campaign Book

Modiphius Entertainment revealed they have a new campaign book coming to Dune: Adventures In The Imperium with Masters Of Dune. This is a separate book from the core rulebook in which you will be thrown into a specific scenario with your characters. Here you'll need to leave the desert world of Arrakis and travel across the Imperium in order to receive support against your enemies. You can play any section in any order, as it's up to you and the other players how you're going to go about telling the story, which will ultimately determine if your House is victorious or conquered. The book is currently on sale for $50, as well as a Collector's Edition which has yet to be listed in the store.

Modiphius Announces Masters Of Dune Campaign Book
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

The wealth of Arrakis may be yours, but you will have to fight to keep it. Every choice you make will determine the future of your House, for good or ill. Will you fall to ruin on the sands of Arrakis, or are you strong enough to survive and become true Masters of Dune? Masters Of Dune is an epic 166-page campaign that can be run on its own or as a continuation of the Agents of Dune boxed set. Play as the renowned House Nagara or create a new House of your own to tame Arrakis. Over the campaign's nine explosive chapters, your characters will:

  • Seek out the elusive Fremen to gain their trust and allegiance, if you can navigate their mysterious customs and rituals
  • Engage in exciting space battles on behalf of the mysterious Guild, taking on lethal pirates in the void between worlds
  • Visit the deadly House Harkonnen on the industrial hellscape of Giedi Prime, where poison and treachery lie behind every corner
  • Mine spice on Arrakis to quench the insatiable need of the Imperium, even though it can never be enough to satisfy the hunger of the Known Universe
  • Discover the wisdom of the secretive Bene Gesserit if you can pass their deadly tests and prove yourself worthy of the Sisterhood's trust
  • Politic on Kaitain against the Emperor and the Landsraad council, where you might play one side against another if you have the cunning and skill for such deceit
  • Travel from Arrakis across the Imperium to seek new allies, resources, and favors that might tip the balance of power in the universe
Modiphius Announces Masters Of Dune Campaign Book
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

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