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Modiphius Entertainment Reveals New TTRPG Cohors Cthulhu

Modiphius Entertainment revealed a new TTRPG title on the way as players will so be able to experience Cohors Cthulhu later this year. While this is an entirely new game, it's actually part of a bigger IP as it is a spinoff of Against the God Themselves, set in the same universe as Achtung! Cthulhu. This will be a new cinematic TTRPG, as well as a narrative co-operative wargame, fiction line, and set of miniatures, expanding on a specific point in time with gladiators, centurions, and Germanic heroes. All happening around the time of the Roman Empire as it was slowly starting to collapse.

Modiphius Entertainment Reveals New TTRPG Cohors Cthulhu
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

They have put a major team behind the game including Modiphius' Chief Creative Officer Chris Birch, Lead Writer Douglas Seacat (Warmachine, Hordes, Iron Kingdoms RPG), RPG Lead Writer Matt Goetz (Iron Kingdoms RPG, Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition), authors John Houlihan (Achtung Cthulhu, Mon Dieu Cthulhu, The Seraph Chronicles) and Nick Brown (Agents of Rome), Modiphius 2d20 Developer Nathan Dowdell (Star Trek Adventures, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Fallout 2d20), and artists including Bjorn Barends (John Carter, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics) and Phroilan Gardner (Conan, Diablo III, League of Legends, World of Warcraft).

The game will be released sometime later this year, but in the meantime, here's what they got going for it.

The first major release for the Cohors Cthulhu roleplaying game will drop players into the Roman frontier town of Laurium, the archetypal walled fort that sits on the border between civilization and the mysterious, foreboding lands. Smoky taverns filled with dangerous vagabonds swirl with gossip and whispers of terrifying creatures, strange ruins, and haunted forests in 2nd century Northern Europe. Barbaric Germanic tribesmen prowl the thick woodland, but are they the only thing the Romans should be worried about? And how do these events relate to ancient Atlantis and the colossal war that would tear Europe apart two millennia in the future?

Cohors Cthulhu Main Features

  • Et Tu, Cthulhu?: A rich setting based in real history, real locations, and real cultures meets the fantastical mythology inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Explore, Investigate, Interact: Fight deep in the misty forests, on foundering galleys, explore dangerous Atlantean ruins, or run the gauntlet of Roman society as you uncover vast conspiracies and contend with ancient mysteries that threaten the fabric of the universe itself!
  • 2-Tali-20: Modiphius' patented 2d20 in-house tabletop roleplaying game system keeps gameplay smooth and the cinematic action rolling with an innovative set of narrative-driven rules and mechanics.
  • By Spear or Gladius: Whether players prefer the strict discipline and rigid organization of the Legions or the wild bravery and berserker brutality of the many tribes throughout the empire, they'll need to work together to defeat a sinister cult and its mythos allies.
  • Unreality Beckons: Tap into powerful magics, ancient lost technologies, and eldritch powers – the heroes will need to draw on many resources to help them hold out versus the vast cosmic forces arrayed against them.
  • The Empire Must Expand: Major setting expansions will follow the stories of the ever-growing threat of the Outer Gods as they infect other parts of the Roman Empire like Brittania, Aegyptus, Byzantine, and the Eternal City of Rome herself.

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