Monster Hunter: World is Capcom's Best-Selling Game of All Time

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World is the company's best selling game in its history.

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom has been around the block for a while now. Founded in 1979, the company is responsible for some of the biggest series of all time. From Mega Man to Resident Evil to Street Fighter, a world without the company leaves the video game landscape looking incredibly different. While many now might say the company isn't as big or important as it used to be, its recent successes say otherwise. Resident Evil 7 shook the horror genre up last year, and this year the company has hit an all-time high.

Last month, we heard about how Monster Hunter: World was the fastest selling game in the company's history, today it passes an even bigger milestone. In a press release, Capcom announced that the title is now the outright best selling game in its history. It announced the achievement saying that the game has shipped a massive 7.5 million units, beating previous record holder Resident Evil 5.

This is quite an achievement, especially as many wondered if Monster Hunter: World would finally be the game to break the franchise into the mainstream in the West. It seems the answer to that is an emphatic yes. The question now is, what does the future of Monster Hunter look like due to this? It seems certain that we can probably expect more console efforts, but will production continue as hard on handheld endeavours? The prevalence of the form in Japan leads me to believe it will still be an important part of the series, especially with the Nintendo Switch's success, but on that, we will have to see.