Moonlighter Will Arrive On iOS Devices On November 19th

Digital Sun Games and 11 Bit Studios revealed this week that Moonlighter is getting released onto iOS on November 19th. If you haven't experienced this Action RPG yet, you are missing out as it was one of the best indie games to come out back in 2018. With all of the expansions being absolutely brilliant since their subsequent releases. Now players will be getting that same experience through the Apple Store as the game will be its own app for $12 next week. We have some details from the devs here about some of the changes to the game and how it handles on a mobile device, as well as screenshots and a trailer showing this version off. No word yet on if or when this will lead to an Android version.

Get your fingers ready for some extreme dungeon crawling. Courtesy of 11 Bit Studios.
Get your fingers ready for some extreme dungeon crawling. Courtesy of 11 Bit Studios.

Controls keep up with the fast-paced monster-slaying gameplay thanks to dropping virtual twin sticks that tend to be problematic on smaller screen devices. Instead, the game features tap and swipe mechanics for moving and dashing, which can be done by both thumbs, that allows players to instantly react to upcoming danger. The user interface has been reorganized and rescaled to perform with the same efficiency on various resolutions, and enemy behaviors and statistics – including boss encounters – were tweaked to suit the new gameplay style. Despite the platform change, Moonlighter remains a captivating, charming experience that has already conquered the hearts of PC and console players around the globe with its gorgeous pixel art graphics and a highly replayable experience. All the free content updates that were released on other platforms so far are available in the mobile version from day one so players can enjoy the game in its richest form.

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