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The Invincible Releases A New Chilling Trailer For Halloween
Starward Industries and 11 Bit Studios are taking part in LudoNarraCon 2023 as they have released a free demo for The Invincible this week This is a chance for you to try out a short section of the game and get an idea of what you'll be doing on the planet Regis II as you[...]
The Thaumaturge
11 Bit Studios and developer Fool's Theory has released an all-new trailer this week for The Thaumaturge, showing off more of the gameplay The game was barely announced early this past week as we now know the company is working on this story-heavy isometric RPG with an unknown release window, and within record time, we[...]
The Alters Receives Brand-New Short Teaser Trailer
11 Bit Studios released a new teaser trailer for The Alters this week, but it really didn't reveal much of anything about the game or its release The 30-second trailer, which you can check out at the bottom, basically poses a question to the main character about the decisions an individual can make But it[...]
The Invincible Releases A New Chilling Trailer For Halloween
11 Bit Studios, along with indie developer Starward Industries, have released a new trailer for The Invincible, delving a little more into the story You're being given glimpses and pieces of the puzzle in this new trailer as you uncover the mystery of a new planet you've come to called Regis III, where its clear[...]
The Invincible Releases A New Chilling Trailer For Halloween
Developer Starward Industries and publisher 11 Bit Studios released a brand new trailer for The Invincible this week, showing it off in style The trailer doesn't show off a ton of action or gameplay, but you do get a good look at Regis III, which has a ton of stunning landscapes that you will be[...]
11 Bit Studios Announces New Narrative Game South Of The Circle
11 Bit Studios and indie studio State Of Play announced they will be launching South Of The Circle for PC and all three major consoles on August 3rd The two companies have gone out of their way to create a compelling story set around the time of the Cold War, and how the choices he[...]
11 Bit Studios Announces New Narrative Game South Of The Circle
11 Bit Studios and indie developer State Of Play have announced their brand new narrative title called South Of The Circle If you were a fan of games such as Firewatch or What Remains of Edith Finch, this will be right up your alley as they tell a compelling interactive story where you experience a[...]
"Children Of Morta" Receives An Extensive 2020 Content Roadmap
11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage announced this week they will be releasing the brand new co-op mode into Children Of Morta For the longest time players have been asking for this fun little upgrade ever since it was suggested that it might be happening, as it would finally give you a little bit of[...]
11 Bit Studios Officially Announces Frostpunk 2
11 Bit Studios announced this morning they will be making a sequel to their popular survival city builder with Frostpunk 2 This particular game is the first project to be revealed from the three in-house games that are currently being worked on in their Warsaw-based studio As part of the celebration of the game's announcement,[...]
Frostpunk: Console Edition Will Get Three Expansions This Month
Some cool news for those who own Frostpunk: Console Edition as 11 Bit Studios will make three expansions available this month The team will be releasing The Last Autumn, On the Edge, and The Rifts all at the same time for Xbox One and PS4 on July 21st, as you can pick them all up at once in[...]
Frostpunk Board Game Over 1000% Funded On Kickstarter
11 Bit Studios had some interesting reveals today as they're switching over to Unreal Engine and working on a Frostpunk book anthology For the first part, the company apparently made the change from the Liquid Engine to Unreal two months ago and is currently using it to develop new content and games moving forward as[...]
Children Of Morta Receives The New Family Trails Update
11 Bit Studios has released a new free update to Children Of Morta as players can now experience the new Family Trials We got the full rundown for you below, but the short version is that there's a brand new dungeon for you to go through that will put every member of the clan to[...]
This War Of Mine Gets A Major Update On Nintendo Switch
11 Bit Studios revealed this week that they have released a major update for This War Of Mine on the Nintendo Switch version The Switch version will wrap up now that it has received the two remaining Stories episodes of The Last Broadcast and Fading Embers These two are both much more story-oriented than the[...]
Moonlighter Will Arrive On iOS Devices On November 19th
Digital Sun Games and 11 Bit Studios revealed this week that Moonlighter is getting released onto iOS on November 19th If you haven't experienced this Action RPG yet, you are missing out as it was one of the best indie games to come out back in 2018 With all of the expansions being absolutely brilliant[...]
Frostpunk Reveals The Final Expansion For The Game
11 Bit Studios revealed this week that Frostpunk's On The Edge expansion finally has a release date as it will drop August 20th Along with a new trailer this week showing off more of the expansion, we now know there will be a new survival story based after the events of the main game, complete[...]
11 Bit Studios
11 Bit Studios' publishing division made a big announcement today that will affect all of the company's departments in the near future The company revealed a new set of promising numbers alongside a new milestone in the growth of its publishing division, both of which were talked about during their recent yearly investor's conference The[...]
Children Of Morta Adds A New Playable Character
11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage revealed this week the addition of Apan – a seventh playable character joining the party You can read more about the character below and check out a trailer with screenshots of them in action, as the character design came from a Kickstarter effort from a couple of its backers. Apan[...]
Frostpunk Board Game's Kickstarter Launching This Fall
11 bit studios and the people behind Glass Cannon Unplugged have announced the upcoming launch of their board game, Frostpunk, in the form of a Kickstarter campaign The Kickstarter will officially be opened to the public this fall. The box for Frostpunk, a board game by 11 bit studios and Glass Cannon Unplugged Its Kickstarter campaign will[...]
Frostpunk Reveals The Final Expansion For The Game
11 Bit Studios revealed this week that they have one last update coming for Frostpunk this summer called On The Edge According to the developers, On The Edge is the third and final expansion from the game's season pass, with the events of it being set after the vicious Great Storm as the expedition is[...]
Children of Morta - Setting Sun Inn Main Art
11 Bit Studios revealed today that the second free content update for Children Of Morta has been sent out to the game There a few things to unpack from this one, starting with the addition of New Game+ This New Game+ mode encourages players to follow the Bergson's journey again, this time with an increase[...]
"Children Of Morta" Receives Its First Free Content Update
11 Bit Studios have released a brand new update for Children Of Morta, as the game gets a chunk of free content called the Shrine Of Challenge The new update includes a fresh Hard Mode, new enemies, 18 new items added to the mix, a new UI with a larger HUD option, and balanced tweaks[...]
"Children Of Morta" Receives An Extensive 2020 Content Roadmap
11 Bit Studios released new information today for Children Of Morta, outlining an extensive content roadmap for most of 2020 You can see the map below as the game will be getting seven new challenges added to it, as well as a random encounter By the looks of it, these are going to be spread[...]
"Frostpunk" Will Receive "The Last Autumn" DLC In January 2020
Some cool news from 11 Bit Studios today as they will be releasing the anticipated Frostpunk DLC "The Last Autumn" in January The DLC will drop on January 21st, 2020 across all PC retailers the game is sold through And much like the season of autumn, this DLC will have a profound effect on the[...]
"This War Of Mine: Final Cut" Gets A Free 5th Anniversary Update
11 Bit Studios have released a brand new update for This War Of Mine: Final Cut, making the game's fifth anniversary with a free gift You can download the update totally free as we speak, as the devs put a bow on what they are referring to the "crowning version" of the game Along with[...]
Looking Over The Console Edition Of "Frostpunk" At PAX West 2019
During my final day at PAX West 2019, I got to go hang out with 11 Bit Studios and discuss the console version of Frostpunk on the way While they showed us plenty from the game, the primary focus for us was checking out to see what differences there were between the PC version and[...]
The First "Frostpunk" Expansion "The Rifts" Launches Today
11 Bit Studios have finally released the first proper expansion for Frostpunk this week, as players will be diving into The Rifts with their season pass The expansion pack will give players a brand new map to the Endless Mode, which will utilize new gameplay mechanics to bridge the rifts to access new areas, essentially[...]
"Children of Morta" Reveals Gorgeous Box Art and Price Tag
Dead Mage and 11 bit studios have announced the price for their highly anticipated roguelike RPG Children of Morta today The game is still missing a concrete launch date, but it will release of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC later this summer The game will retail for $21.99 USD / €21.99 EUR. However,[...]
Moonlighter Releases a New Teaser for Between Dimensions
Exactly one year ago today 11 bit studios and developer Digital Sun Games released  Moonlighter for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In the last year, the game has been bolstered by several patches and DLC including the More Stock Update, Adventure Update, and Friends & Foes It also released on Nintendo Switch. Credit// 11 bit studios In celebration of the[...]
Frostpunk has Sold Over 1.4 Million Copies in One Year
11 bit studios have had an immensely successful run in the last few years and that trend only continued as Frostpunk has sold over 1.4 million copies on PC The title will also be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, so those numbers will only increase over time. Frostpunk was released exactly[...]