"Smash Bros." Community Harasses A 15-Year-Old Girl For Beating a Pro

Further proving what a "class act" they can be, the Smash Bros. community is harassing a 15-year-old girl for beating a pro at an esports tournament. Harassment within the Smash community is well documented on multiple websites, including ours. If you'd like a refresher course, you can read this article, this one, and this one too for some examples. Not to mention the weirdest one where someone threw a dead crab at Hungrybox. And all that is just scratching the surface, we'd need a week and some coffee to go find all the stories on Reddit. But you get the idea.

"Smash Bros." Community Harasses A 15-Year-Old Girl For Beating a Pro

So with that in mind, let's focus on the latest story which revolves around the player Bocchi. She entered an AON Gaming tournament last month where luck of the draw had her facing off against one of the bigger well-known players in the community, Ally. The two faced off a few weeks ago in the winner's quarterfinals as Ally went with Snake and Bocchi took in Isabelle. The match turned out to be a barnburner as each player scored a victory over the other for a 1-1 tie. You can watch the entire matchup below as in the final showdown, Bocchi outlasted Ally and got the final smash on him for the upset victory, taking the match 2-1 and making the entire building pop for the win. Despite how you may feel about any of this, watch that moment starting at about 14:10 and the reaction on Bocchi's face. It's one of the few feel-good moments in this article.

Cut to this week where the Twitter post below was put out, showing that over the past few weeks, Bocchi has been harassed by people ever since getting that monumental victory. She literally pulled off an upset victory, a thing Smash Bros. fans love to see and got harassed for it by members of that same community by diehard fans of who she beat. You would think that it would go without saying that the community shouldn't be harassing a 15-year-old girl online over a video game, but here we are.

You would also think that Ally might step up and tell everyone to knock it off, right? Well… Ally has got his own problems that the Smash community is harassing him for. As reported by Dextro, he has retired from the game after it came out that he lied about dating a minor. He posted this statement below on his Twitter after he returned from CEO. The entire ordeal is a giant mess and we recommend reading that article if you truly want to know all the messy details.


So, you know… Not what you would call a great time to be a Smash Bros. fan or player right now.

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